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What Is The Best Way To Get Free Traffic For Website?

What Is The Best Way To Get Free Traffic For Website?


Generating traffic to your website is a constant and steady process: there’s no one-shot formula, and there is no sure-shot mechanism either. Most websites benefit from a number of combined methods when it comes to driving traffic up, and each section of such a program is to be seen as equally important. The good news is this: there are plenty of free options for those looking to drive up website traffic, and we’re here with a guide to provide you the best experience.

1. Website Optimization

Website Optimization

The very first step towards a better experience when it comes to driving up the traffic to your website is site optimization. Do you have a good UI which loads fast? Do you have an SSL encrypted and certified channel? SSL encrypted sites are generally privileged by Google, which means your chances of showing up higher on a search list are increased by this. On the other hand, a smooth UI means the loading time for a website is faster – and studies show that any website that takes more than 3 seconds to load has higher abandonment rates. Responsive UI and site optimization is that crucial first step towards increasing traffic towards any website at all.

2. Social Bookmarking Websites

Social Bookmarking Websites

Social media is an incredibly important way of grabbing people’s attention, and this works in two ways: using social bookmarking websites, and getting online on social media networks. The first (bookmarking websites) can allow back-linking, improve website rankings, or allow users to bookmark your site. This means you not only have more traffic to your website, (which is a corollary of better website rankings), you also have the opportunity to retain users and get more returning traffic. Make sure you allow users to bookmark you on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, etc. to drive more traffic to your site. You must also take advantage of LinkedIn and Facebook and provide fresh articles (posts) with links to your site for added benefit.

3. Frequently Updated Content

Content that is stale is likely to drag your website rankings down, leading to dwindling traffic as the relevancy of the issues on your site becomes less important. For example, if you are writing about the Moto G2 when users are increasingly more interested in the Moto G3, you’re being irrelevant. To generate more traffic for free, make sure you always have current, fresh, and updated content to keep up with the times. Besides, even old-time users like to see a new spin on their frequently visited website. Make change your motto!

4. Provide Guest Blogging or Industry Leadership Opinions

Provide Guest Blogging or Industry Leadership Opinions

Now you might think this is an expensive option, but it really isn’t. This functions by way of generating interest in users visiting your site. The better the respectability of your website, the more likely it is that guest bloggers or industrial leaders would want to share a piece on your site. If you’re a bookseller, for example, invite one of the current authors to write something for your website. Often, they’d do it for free just for book publicity. At the same time, because of the keyword-associations with said established author, chances are you’ll also have better traffic to your site.

5. Free Promotions or Giveaways

Free Promotions or Giveaways

Everybody likes a good offer, and that would explain why so many companies tend to rake in more revenue during the sale season than any other. Free promotions on your site, on social media networks, through email marketing or other websites, can be a great way of generating more traffic. Besides, it doesn’t have to cost you anything extra: a one week free trial of your software, for instance, is a good enough way of driving up traffic to your site.

6. Offline and Online Promotion Mechanisms

Offline and Online Promotion Mechanisms

Is there any free way of doing this? Of course there is! If you’re a business, chances are that you invest in good quality business cards already. To generate more traffic to the online website, you need to aggressively print website addresses on all company cards. This applies for music stores, handicrafts companies, or food related websites. You may also choose to create a free QR code online and include that in brochures that you’d have otherwise printed without them. No, it may not be entirely free, but it doesn’t come at any extra cost to you either.

7. Signature URLs and Email Marketing

Signature URLs and Email Marketing

Signature URLs are one of the most popular ways of driving up traffic. Email Signatures, for instance, can help you track marketing traffic quite effectively and easily. On the other hand, you could also use your URL as a signature when on online forums or websites which offer a comments section. Emails are some of the easiest ways of communicating directly with the audience, so make the most of it. A catchy headline, a great call-to-action and personalized email, even though free, can generate incredible amounts of traffic. Add to that some free online promo event, and you’ve got yourself a winning formula right here.

8. Online Discussion Forums

This brings us to the section on online discussion forums. This might not seem like the easiest way of generating traffic, but it is truly one of the most effective ways available right now. Think of the way human interaction takes place nowadays. Most people seek out advice – from cooking advice to guides on mobile phones, from directions to mathematical solutions – and discussion forums have the added advantage of always being very relevant. When you post a comment on one of these forums, offer valuable advice in the form of a teaser, and then link back to a section on your website, it automatically creates an interest. This is a way of directly establishing contact with not just a potential visitor, but people who will be looking for the same thing at a later point as well. Segmented traffic of this kind is in fact the best kind to seek for your website.

9. SEO Content

The SEO is one of the most prolific resources available to modern marketers. It functions by being useful to both customers and suppliers, people looking for information and those providing it. By using specific words which are the most searched-for in that category, you have the ability to harness the full power of Google and use it for your own goals. SEO content links in with the point about site optimization and content relevancy, because the more relevant your website is, the better its rankings. The better the rankings, in turn, the more traffic that you get. After all, the first three links on Google are the ones that people tend to visit the most.

10. Conferences and Webinars

Conferences and webinars are useful as a means of expanding your network as a business. Go to a conference related to your industry: e.g. if you’re in the healthcare business, attend a few seminars, maybe talk at a few, and present a business card (with a link, as stated in the offline promotions point) to the people you meet. Or host a webinar on a topic relevant to the current social atmosphere, use aggressive free social media and email promotions, and post it on your site to drive up the traffic.

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