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5 top factors of effective website design

5 top factors of effective website design


Web design is very significant since it facilitates easy conversions of applications. It takes great skills and expertise to create a good website. To get started, you need to consider fundamental principles that will guide you.

1. Purpose

You need to prioritize the needs of the web visitors before anything else. You need to ask yourself a few questions; are you looking to entertain your visitors? Do you want to advertise your product? Who is your target audience? All these questions will determine the type of protocol that you need to follow. More often than not, customers tend to possess the same habits. Normally, they get attracted to a new thing and would not hesitate to click on the new link. If they find anything that interests them, they are likely to follow the link until they find something that interests them.

In case they lose interest, they will quickly click on the back button. Therefore, when creating a web design you should ensure that visitors do not find a hard time interpreting the type of message that you want to send them. In fact, you must consider making it more intuitive so that they can understand how the system operates.

2. Communication

Clear information will enable users to make informed decisions on whether they will continue to pursue the rest. You need to use comprehendible language that users all over the world can be able to comprehend. You can consider these tactics to aid you through clear communication; use titles and subtitles to guide the user into getting familiar with the message. This is part of information organization. It is better than using extremely long sentences that are likely to make it lose meaning.


It is not advisable to test the patience of the users by creating many requirements. A beginner may lose interest when they are subjected to filling long web forms hen creating a web account. You should allow your users to access the website without forcing them to enter their email addresses or sharing private identity information with you. It is only advisable to introduce that once the user has varied the authenticity of the product. A user needs to ascertain that the product you are marketing performs according to expectations. Otherwise, save them from going through tiresome processes of making certain information clear in case you do not drive the point home. By asking the client to subscribe to your website, you are creating a situation where the irritated user will block the rest from accessing the website.

3. Colors and images

Since the human eye is described as highly nonlinear, users can easily recognize items such as edges, patterns, and movements. Use of colors enables the designer to go a long way in expressing themselves. This is because they create different illusions to the users. For instance, if you are creating a corporate website, you need to consider the white background. It gives the impression that the product fits the modern day standards. Complementary colors create unity and balance. To make it more interesting, you can use contrasting colors for the text so that the user can easily read through what is in the background. Luminous colors need to be used in minimal instances on buttons since they tend to shift the focus from the important information. Once you have assessed your user’s perception of color, you can comfortably choose the right color. Be careful not to use many colors that will irritate the readers. Ideally, you should blend them well and not clash them so that you do not end up irritating the audience. As for the images, if you do not successfully find professional photos, you can consider purchasing stock photos that will boost the image of the website.

4. Mobile friendliness

Nowadays, it is effective to create a website that can be accessed in all gadgets. It is easier for people to access information using their cellphones and tablets rather than going for it in the laptops. To facilitate this, you need to consider the type of layout you want to use as long as it promotes multiple devices. Once you realize that your website does not fit the mobile-friendly criteria, you can customize it into a responsive layout. That means that it should fit the screen widths on any gadget.

Mobile friendliness

There are various design elements that one can use to create the best functional website. However, you need to ask yourself; will your web design subject you to reviewing or optimizing? Are you planning to create a web design right from the foundation? These questions will help you to decide on the type of method you want to use. The grid-based layouts are also effective since they will help you to place the content into systematic sections, columns, and boxes.

5. Navigation

Most internet users tend to be attracted to things they see on the left side of their screens. Therefore, the web designer needs to include eye captivating images or words. Instead of subjecting them to find the important information, you need to take advantage of this notorious habit. Always focus on the including important information on the left and make explanations on the right. Users need to navigate through the screen easily using logical page hierarchy, bread crumbs, and click-worthy buttons. Make the page easy to scan and read through. You can use H tags to direct the user to important information only. It is also easier to include captivating quotes, block quotes, and appealing images.


It is quite disturbing for a user to read through a webpage that contains more than 1,000 words. The reader will get tired and leave it in the middle. Therefore work on breaking up the content by including only simple language. In addition, the designer needs to ensure that users take a little time when loading pages. This is effective in the optimization of image sizes. A reader will appreciate web content only if they are allowed to scan through it in the shortest time possible.

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