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Top 10 Marketing Extensions for Magento 2

Top 10 Marketing Extensions for Magento 2


Magento 2’s highlightits new architecture that provided a greater level of power and functionality to the users. A big part of this improvement comes from the add-ons and extensions supported by the e-commerce software. Many great Magento 2 extensions are free while others command premium pricing.

If you’re a marketer, you’ll be glad to know that Magento supports extensions that help promote your site and attract new customers. The ten best options are featured below:

1. Live Sales Notifications

Live Sales Notifications takes a simple concept and turn it into something better and efficient. Realizing the herd mentality of consumers, this extension displays popup notifications of the latest sales in one corner of the website.

Once a new customer realizes how busy your store is, it enhances your brand’s authenticity and convinces shoppers to move ahead with the purchase. Upon installation, the add-on seamlessly syncs real-time store data and transforms them into pop-ups.

You can set up the extension quickly and customize it as per your requirements. Specific items can also be promoted via this extension.

2. Upsell and Cross-Sell Popups

Do you wish to increase the sales and order value of your ecommerce website? Then resort to upselling and cross-selling, both of which are made easier through the use ofupselling and cross-sell popup extensions.

What sets this add-on apart from similar ones in the Magento store are its extensive customization capabilities and superior design. Once a buyer adds or views an item in their cart, a popup will be triggered to showcase other products that either complement or outperform the chosen item.

Also, you can change the settings to automatically display products from your web store. This extension, therefore, helps you save nearly 95 percent of your time when implementing each offer and brings high success rate and revenue.

3. Loyalty Program by Amasty

Every e-commerce site owner worth his salt knows that acquiring new customers is harder and more expensive than keeping existing ones. But with the Loyalty Program extension from Amasty, you’re capable of doing both equally well.

Now, cutting down on expenses while converting visitors is easier than ever. At the same time, you convince old customers to buy more from your site. How? Well, the Loyalty Program extension sets up a reward system featuring multiple levels.

Customer groups can easily be assigned to these levels, and special promotions can be created for the individual groups. So, now you’re able to develop promotions depending on the purchase history of the customers and set up rules for moving the customer automatically to the next level. Without any coupons, the Loyalty Program discount automatically gets applied at the time of checkout giving customers the incentive to shop more.

4. Simple Extended Contact Form Builder

Having a contact form on your e-commerce website cuts down on spam and keeps the website secure. With the help of this extension, you can create a good-looking form for your Contacts page. The Magento 2 form extension can be customized as per your preference thanks to simple mark-up. You can pick multiple email addresses of the customers at the same time if you want them to receive the same email notification.

5. Free Gifts and Coupons

Are you aware of the fact that 68 percent of web shoppers abandon their shopping carts on the cart page? To decrease this rate, use a solution like the Free Gifts and Coupons extension. Introducing an incentive to the customers right before checkout decreases their chances of existing your e-commerce portal.

When customers take the bait, discount code or free gift or free shipping offer automatically gets applied to their cart. And, if that’s not all, this extension creates a sense of urgency by displaying a countdown clock. Plus, the add-on can be linked to social media so that customers who share products on a social networking platform become eligible for a reward.

6. Gift Card by Aheadworks

Shoppers are interested in e-gift cards and with this extension; you cater to this growing demand by offering a one-size-fits-all voucher. This way, you not only capture the loyalty of the customers but raise sales as well. Also, you have the option of creating both physical and virtual gift cards with this extension. Customers get the chance to choose from a wide range of visual card designs and set a personal message for the recipient. The gift cards can be of different denominations for the benefit of the user as well as the customer.

7. Stock and Price Countdown

Add a sense of urgency and increase conversions to your Magento store by creating a countdown timer. This Stock and Price Countdown extension is the perfect solution for this purpose. Plus, there are numerous cool features like low stock countdown bar and social proof notifications.

This add-on is extremely flexible and fully customizable as well. You are free to pick the font, size, and color of every widget on your sitesuch thatthey complement the overall look and feel. Special holiday themes are available to drive sales upwards during the busy holiday season. Knowing the status of the stock as well as the lowest available pricing gives customers further incentive to invest in your store.

8. M-Connect Media’s Free Shipping Bar

Suppose you provide free shipping on every order that exceeds $100. Your buyers would normally come to know of this offer during checkout and only if their total purchase crosses the $100 mark.

But there is an easier way to showcase the free shipping feature. Display the information right on your homepage with the Free Shipping Bar. At the same time, display how far the customer is from availing this offer. This will prompt your buyers to spend more.

You can also use this add-on to attach custom messages to the bar. Moreover, you’re free to pick the color and font size of the message text. The background color of the progress bar can also be set to change according to the theme. Customers are notified once they hit the free shipping minimum.

9. MailBot Email Marketing

This extension is indispensable if you if you send automated emails and targeted newsletter to customers. The buyer’s purchase history is synced to the MailBot, and you can plan accordingly to entice different groups of shoppers to get more products from your site. The add-on allows for superb customer segmentation so you can send tailored content to each section of customers. At the same time, choose from eight pre-built personalized follow-up email campaigns for your store.

10. Pixlee

Develop a great shopping experience for your Magento store with the Pixlee extension that turns user-generated content into your greatest weapon. This UGC platform allows you to boost your marketing efforts by placing the customer stories and feedback front and center of the shopping experience. What this add-on does is curate real-time user photos,so it gets featured and provides a more realistic shopping experience for potential buyers.

The abovementioned extensions should help marketers make the most of Magento 2 and allow them to harness the full potential of the platform. If what you want is to grow your business by attracting and converting customers, then these add-ons are perfect for your e-commerce site.

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