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Practical Solutions: How to Become Successful in Business and Career?

Practical Solutions: How to Become Successful in Business and Career?


This is a second part of the article How To Become Successful In Business And Career? in which you could find 8 rules of success.

This is a practicum that you can use in order to inbuilt these 8 success rules into your life, business and career. In order to become successful both in your goals and ambitions, you are offered to do the following assignments that will help you to practice each success principle every week. Such an approach is recommended as a practical training that can help you replace your ineffective habits with the successful lifestyles and thus start changing your life, business and career for better every single day.Just define your goals and follow these success rules to achieve them with the help of step-by-step instructions.

Once you have a vision of your goals, you can definitely pursue the following training program that will lead you to success. Now ask yourself a question, “How this day is different from tomorrow?” The answer would be that today you are 8 steps closer to fulfill your most desired wishes and dreams. Now you understand how to get where you always wanted to be! From now on, your ability to achieve success depends on you… The final step is to plan your goals and cultivate new skills to succeed! You need to work hard as those who succeed, always run one extra mile in order to project positive expectations! Nothing is possible if you continue to life your life exactly as it was before!

You can change your life only if you start to regularly work hard until you learn to think as an entrepreneur. If you are only in the very beginning of your business or career, you should devote more time to your growth compared to your close environment. There is a huge difference in understanding the meaning of ‘work’. Therefore, as Jim Rohn once said, if you really wish to move from being busy to being productive, you should focus on your productivity and work for your success! Working hard will be easy if you have a vision, clear goals, and passion with what you do. Such actions should continue until you see that your business brings you money without your participation.

Practical Assignments: 8 Weeks to Success

Week 1: Do What You Love (Rule #1)

Think of the things you like to do now, just for fun and pleasure , try to remember what you did in the past that brought joy and happiness to your life. Recollect particular events and / or any leisure activities that made you feel comfortable and created good mood for the whole day. Then right them down and rate from 0 to 10 in terms of how important they are for you today, 0 is less important and 10 is the most important. Finally, practice those things again and write down your feelings while spending your time this way. Rate them again from 0 to 10 and compare with the previous results. What was different? What did you like? What was uncomfortable? The things that would match most are to be your potential strong points as well as the things that you could use in order to achieve success in your business and career . Now, practice only those aspects that match for a week and pay a special attention to what is most important for you today.

Week 2: Imagine Your Success (Rule #2)

To continue, you need to take the aspects (usually from 1 to 3) you have obtained from the first week assignment and try to visualize them. Remember to focus on your thoughts, imagination in your head and finally think of the particular actions you can do in order to experience new changes in your life. Try to pretend you are a child, who wishes to have a toy so much that one does not even accept the possibility of not having it. As practice shows, sooner or later the child gets what he wanted, the only difference is time. By visualizing, you can learn how to shorten this time and actually achieve your goals. To begin with, start from visualizing simple goals, like tea or coffee, or the particular person you wish to see. During a week, after you manage it and actually see how this works on simple things, you can start visualizing different goals that are more difficult to achieve.

Week 3: Advertise Goals, Dreams and Reasons (Rule #3)

As you remember from the rule #3, the keys to the hearts of your clients are their fantasies, wishes, pleasures and hopes. In order words, people agree to pay for the emotions they receive after they buy something that makes their goals come true. The next assignment for you is to go shopping! Choose the target market of your own interest; it would be even better if you choose the one that is closer to your personal business objectives. Then, while looking for what to buy, listen to what people talk about when they choose goods and / or services. The best way to get a closer look into a particular product is to ask another customer to suggest you what to buy. In other words, in the natural conversation people will freely tell you everything you wish to hear. Do not forget to take notes after the conversation! At the same time, while being a regular client, think of what you personally consider about the product you are going to purchase, and also take notes for the future reference. After a week of such investigations, pay attention to what was similar in the feedback of different people as this is what you have to pay a close attention and interest while managing your next sales.

Week 4: Define Your Strong Points (Rule #4)

In this week’s assignment you have to understand that if you are working towards the business or career objectives that you personally love doing, then you automatically receive power and strength to manage this job. Do not think about making money; think about what you love doing, considering the first week’s assignment. Then think about how many people you know, who also love doing exactly those things that you do. Afterwards, research this niche in the Internet in terms of the target market that is already present, including people, who already pay to get those things. During a week, put all the information you have about these goods and / or services and launch a free test drive of those things on the event at your store. If this is an Internet resource like a website, you can have a webinar where you can ask people, what they would love to purchase and why, then share your vision towards these products in terms of its benefits and offer a discount or a gift that could make the first purchase more challenging. The thing is to meet the customer’s expectations!

Week 5: Expand Your Skills through Leadership (Rule #5)

After you practice to take feedback and achieve good results, you should find those people, who would like to repeat your experience and make it even more successful. In other words, in your environment there are always people, who you can help in their goals and objectives. This time, you need to develop new skills of managing and leading these people to success. This is important for the reason that their success stories are your greatest achievement in terms of leadership, responsibilities and skills development. With this person or a group of people, you should repeat the success rules from 1 to 4 and help them to reveal their hidden talents and skills. This is the way to fulfill your group ambitions and position your leadership.

Week 6: Always Build Networks (Rule # 6)

Since you have a new experience of guiding people, you should admit that the leadership you have obtained considers people in one sphere of interests. In other words, you and the group of people you lead could be called a network; a simple one but still a network, where all the people have the same interests in achieving the same goals and obtain positive results. This is the time we can speak about an environment that tends to be successful both in business and career. Hence, continue practicing your leadership role and set new directions for other people in your group. The thing is to let your team repeat their own experience but with more people this time. The purpose to achieve the same results in about a week time.

Week 7: Never Give Up Your Ambitions (Rule #7)

Everyone can fail to achieve goals from the first time but this does not mean that this is the time to stop trying over again. Instead, the famous example of Thomas Edison states that even after 10,000 of failures, one can achieve success if continues striving for it. The same relates to you! In case something does not go exactly as you wish it to be, you still have to continue. This week assignment is to repeat your experience in everything you did badly for these six weeks of practical assignments or in case you feel pleased with your experience, try to double your achievements in the same amount of time… In other words, you have one week to correct the mistakes or double your performance on the road to your success.

Week 8: Master the Art of Self – Discipline (Rule #8)

This is the final week of your training program and the final assignment would be to concentrate on the 20% of your activities that produce 80% of positive results. In other words, you have to master the things you are the best at and delegate those things you are good at but others can do them for you without losing the quality. The next part of the assignment would be to write down all your goals and ambitions in terms of short and long term perspective. Calculate the time you need to achieve these goals as well as the actions you need to perform daily in order to stay on track and manage your expectations in the desired time frames. After all, you can keep practicing these 8 success rules and principles right until you achieve the most desired results in your business and career.

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The secret in building a successful business or career is to make every effort to be the best in everything you love doing!


In case you have liked the 8 Rules that successful people make a habit, especially if you have passes a bonus 8 week training program and received expected results as well as obtained new personal and professional experience, please share your thoughts and improvements in your business and career in the comments below the article as well as the social networks (Facebook / Twitter) so that the other people could have the same results. We would be very grateful if you help us share value and experience and all together bring success to the lives of people all over the world.

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