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7 Powerful Free WordPress Slider Plugins – 2017

7 Powerful Free WordPress Slider Plugins – 2017


If you want your WordPress website to succeed, you need to engage your customers. And to engage your customers, you need to present your content in the best possible way. The question is, how can you do that? While many solutions present themselves, the most effective one is a free WordPress slider plugin. May be you want to showcase the best images, latest blog posts, customer testimonials, and celebrate milestones – there is a WP slider plugin out there for each of your requirements.

Of course, premium plugins provide access to more features, but there are lots of free slider plugins that get the job done just as well. So, without further ado, take a look at the top seven free WordPress slider plugins below:

1. Meta Slider

Meta Slider

This is currently the most popular slider plugin available for the WordPress platform. And there are plenty of reasons behind it. For starters, this plugin does not require any additional coding. All you need to do is configure this plugin as per your discretion, add text and images, and you’re all set.

The trend of adding large sliders to a big website is catching on, and Meta Slider falls in that category. You can use this plugin to convey information instantly, which saves users the trouble of having to scroll through your pages.

While it is important to highlight your selling content and products, visitors are less than impressed when it’s the first thing that shows up when they access your website. Many might not even bother to scroll down. However, if you present multiple slides to your visitors without having them do anything, it not only increases traffic and subscribers, but improves sales in the long run.

Meta Slider makes it easy to create a new slider. Simply pick the right image, choose the slider you want to use, and the plugin will offer a shortcode that you can insert anywhere in your site.

2. Upfront


Even though Upfront isn’t necessarily a slider plugin, it is a highly convenient and easy option for adding a slider to your WordPress website. This builder helps you create different types of sliders – from small sliders that show off the minute website details of your site to larger, wall-to-wall sliders that capture the attention of your visitors – for free. Upfront lets you control each aspect of the slider, such as navigation, slider transition, slider behavior, and slider order styling.

While these sliders are quite responsive, you can customize them even further. Along with the ability to set default presets, Upfront also lets you add custom code to your website. This means you don’t need to repeat styling options every time you set a specific slider.

3. Smooth Slider

Smooth Slider

The Smooth Slider plugin for WordPress lets users add a content and image slideshow to their website at no extra cost. The background of the slideshow can be customized along with slide intervals, and you can place it anywhere on your website. Notable features of Smooth Slider include six transition effects and a responsive design. Custom sliders, recent posts sliders, and category sliders are all supported by this plugin. You will also notice the inclusion of shortcodes, a widget, and template tags in the package.

4. Easing Slider “Lite”

Easing Slider "Lite"

The WordPress platform offers a lot of functionality, but creating sliders still remains quite challenging. Easing Slider “Lite” aims to rectify the situation. The main purpose of this plugin is the creation and the management of website sliders in a simple, uncomplicated way, just like it’s done in free website builders. Easing Slider attempts to keep the process as hassle-free as possible for users. For that reason, there is no learning curve, and you can use this plugin from the admin panel right out of the box without any additional knowledge. Easing Slider “Lite” offers all the important features that you need for your website. But if you require more functionality, you will be happy to know that this plugin is quite flexible and you can enhance it with add-ons.

This plugin is quite responsive and remains compatible with a host of devices. It can also be fully integrated with WordPress Media Library. Hardware acceleration also allows for smooth transition. Users can experience the Lazy Loading feature that speeds up the loading times of your pages. The code of this plugin is totally reliable and professional, having been developed by experienced PHP developers.

5. iSlidex


iSlidex is an interesting option when you’re looking for a powerful slider plugin for your WordPress website. This tool becomes completely automated after you set how many slides you wish to feature, the desired size, and the category from which iSlidex will exhibit the images. You also get the option of setting attractive, semi-transparent captions that display the title of each post in the slides.

This plugin also features a widget that you are able to set independently from the same settings page as the main slider. But it is best if you use this plugin only within large sidebars for maximum effect. Each image showcased in the slider gets resized and cached automatically, which means you no longer need to worry about things like manual image editing and server load.

The code of this plugin can be optimized, as per your discretion, for improved SEO. ISlidex also features a large variety of slideshow themes that you can choose from. The plugin is compliant with a lot of different browsers.

6. Cyclone Slider 2

Cyclone Slider 2

If you want a free slider plugin for your WordPress website that comes with numerous premium features, your best option is Cyclone Slider 2. This attractive plugin is easy to use, and provides enough options for you to quickly develop and embed image slideshows in your web pages and posts. The plugin documents all processes, so you can complete them without any confusion or complexity. Due to well-designed interface of this slider, you do not require any kind of manual to understand what needs to done.

Some of the main features of Cyclone Slider 2 is the ability to add numerous images to a single slider with relative ease, individual URLs for each slider which can be opened in the current window or a new one, and multiple transition styles. With the help of shortcodes, you are able to embed the image sliders anywhere you choose in your website. Not only can you change the order of the slides by dragging and dropping them, but you can also resize the slider to any dimension of your choice. Your image title and description will appear in the slider as a transparent image overlay that not only looks great but clean as well.

7. vSlider Multi Image Slider

vSlider Multi Image Slider

The vSlider Multi Image Slider is free WordPress plugin that enables you to display as many image sliders as you want on your website. Sliders can be added to your website either through shortcodes, as a function present in the theme, or a custom widget. Worried about using this plugin the right way? Well, there is a useful FAQ as well as a video tutorial present with this plugin that guides you through the process of setting up your first slider. A forum is also available to help you out in the event you face some issues.

The list above presents the most powerful WordPress website plugins available for free in 2017. Check out the features to figure out which one is the perfect fit for your site.

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