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The Secret Revealed: How To Write Over 1000 Words per Hour?

The Secret Revealed: How To Write Over 1000 Words per Hour?


Are you one of those writers that spend way more time editing a piece and then eventually discarding it rather than actually creating productive content? If yes, then this article is for you! Content creation is among the most important factors that determine the success or failure of any website or blog. Moreover, with more and more websites popping up every day, entrepreneurs are looking for unique and innovative ways to engage the reader and expand their reader base.

Time is money – the rule applies to e-ventures as well. The more you write the more profit you earn. A blog post is roughly 1000-1500 words long that usually take a couple of hours. However, with time, you can boost your productivity. Consistency and perseverance assist web developers in writing more than 1000 words in less than an hour giving them more time to edit and create more articles per day.

Listed below are some tried and tested secrets that would not only boost your writing speed but also enhance the quality of your work:

Know What You’re Writing

It is kind of obvious, but most bloggers start off with just a couple of vague ideas and work their way up from there. And while this might be an interesting approach to content creation as it gives you more freedom and flexibility to tweak the structure of the write-up, sometimes the plan can backfire. It is imperative that you have a thorough knowledge on the topic that you’re writing about. Research extensively on the subject and read up as much as you can both online and offline. This not only saves up on time when you’re actually writing but also helps you plan the content better. Once you have the material, you can begin with the partial draft of the write-up before editing it and creating the final draft ready for publishing.

Set A Time Limit

Content writers and bloggers have a pretty busy life with articles to write and deadlines to submit. Timing your work and setting a goal is a smart way to ensure that you are under schedule and can complete the write-up assigned to you well within the deadline. This, however, doesn’t mean you can compromise with the quality of the write-up. A goal without a time constraint is no goal at all. Now, it is obvious that as a budding blogger you will not be a pro at content writing and will probably take up more time than a professional. With enough practice, you can improve your writing speed as well as boost the appeal of your content considerably.

The Pomodoro Method

We have mentioned earlier the importance of setting a time limit when you’re working. If you want to see yourself writing faster than you do now, it is necessary that you set certain constraints and goals. This makes the process all the more challenging and exciting for the writer. One of the best desktop applications that would help you achieve this feat is the Pomodoro software. A productivity tool, the Pomodoro app lets you write non-stop for straight 25 minutes before you can take a 5-minute break. During this time frame, all other distractions and notifications are turned off. You can hence, focus on the task and hand and actually complete it within the time frame. However, it is best that you’re prepared and have the material ready before you hit start as the tool locks all other applications on your desktop while you’re writing.

Write First, Edit Later

This might sound like insane advice but believe us, it is the best writing advice that even professionals follow! The fastest way to write the first draft or the outline of the write-up is to just let go and collect all your ideas together in one place. Don’t think about the spellings, the grammar or even the sentence formations, just write. The initial draft is not exactly pretty and has a lot of glaring typos and errors but hey, that’s where editing helps you. Avoid editing your work when you’re writing it, it only eats up more time. Turn off the spellchecker in the Word Document if you have to so as to stop the temptation of looking back and correcting the write-up every now and then. Save the editing for later.

Other Applications That Would Help You

There are loads of other applications and writing tools other than Pomodoro that assists budding writers to improve the quality of their write-up and save time. Some of the top applications are mentioned below:



Grammarly is a robust, responsive and reliable editing tool that almost every writer swears by, all you have to do is install the plugin on your browser and Microsoft office. The application automatically checks and marks the grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and other tweaks that would enhance the readability and appeal of the content. On subscribing to the premium package you also get to access the more advanced functions of Grammarly.



Readable.io is another smart and efficient content enhancement tool that allows bloggers to check the readability and appeal of their content. In a few seconds, you can check the tone, grammar, syllable count, and other aspects of the article. Readable.io is an analytical tool that gives you an in-depth analysis of the content and scores it on the basis of its credibility and appeal. The tool even gives you valuable feedback and remarks on how you can improve the quality and scope of the content submitted.



Plagiarism is one of the biggest problems that a blogger has to face. There are many sites that simply copy or tweak the content a bit and post it on their platform without giving due credit to the original source of the content. Applications such as Copyscape help you in identifying the authenticity and credibility of the content. Here, all you have to do is insert the content and the tool would automatically give you a list of the probable sources that are similar to the article.



Evernote is a tool that is just not used by content writers but also writers, poets, artists and even the common man who just wants a place where they can store important information. From saving your shopping list or scribbling down a few random poems, the platform is suitable for everything. Evernote features a very minimalistic, clutter-free and intuitive interface that facilitates writing and gives you an opportunity to write whatever you want without any constraints. Evernote is compatible with all platforms and can be used anytime anywhere.

The Bottom Line

Writing is something that doesn’t really come easily to most people. On some days, your fingers work magic on the keyboard as words flow effortlessly creating a beautiful masterpiece. On others, your mind is empty and so is the paper. Writer’s block is the worst nightmare a content creator can possibly face as it affects not only the content quality but also the readership of your website. Writing a 1000 words article in an hours’ time may seem like an impossible feat now but with enough practice and a little help from the writing tools you can surely increase your speed.

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