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How To Protect Your Website From Negative SEO?

How To Protect Your Website From Negative SEO?


In present times, almost every individual as well as businesses have their own website. Marketing, product information, service information as well as generic information are all presented through these sites. A large number of marketing and advertising operations are conducted online. Reviews are also often based on the very concept of online marketing.

Negative SEO – a webmaster’s nightmare

As lucrative, rewarding and simple as it sounds, there are several things a domain user needs to worry about. Negative ranking of their domain is one of the major concerns, especially when an unscrupulous competitor could be inflicting adverse SEO impact on your websites, without your knowledge. In this article we will give you detailed information on how to protect your website from such negative search engine optimization.

Preparing to fight negative SEO

Here are some pointers on how to protect your website from Black Hat or Negative SEOs:

  • Black hat SEO is a such a deadly and destructive kind of marketing, that it can probably get your website banned from Google, and the best part is you won’t even be aware of the fact that it’s happening. One of the ways to prevent this is to connect Google’s webmaster tools email alerts. In this method of Black hat SEO prevention, Google undertakes the responsibility of sending you email alerts which inform you when your server is having connecting issues, the indexing of your pages isn’t done or when your website is being attacked by deadly malware.
  • Another way of protecting your website from anti SEO’s is to ensure the website is secure. Security means avoiding spam. IOS and android users who use WordPress can install the Google authenticator plugin and create a two step password verification process. Every log in to WordPress will be followed by code generated by Google, which will be sent on your smartphone. Also ensure that the password strength for the same is extremely high and is a combination of both words as well as numbers. Install an antivirus that prevents malware when users upload files to your website.
  • Disavow all spammy backlinks – Any backlink coming to your website from another website that’s known to be spammy reflects badly on your brand, and is adequately penalized by Google. However, that’s what blackhat SEO specialists are indulging in to make unsuspecting websites suffer. How do you prevent your competitors from planting your website’s link on blacklisted websites? The Google Disavow tool comes to your rescue.

    Google Disavow tool

    Monitor and analyze your backlinks profile through Google Webmasters Tools, and prepare a list of all links that you can’t seem to remember as coming from a website you interacted with. Check these links, shortlist the ones that are directed from spam-filled websites, and submit the list using Google Disavow, which is your way of telling Google that your website has nothing to do with the reported backlinks. Simple enough?

    Google Disavow tool

  • Duplication of content is another deadly issue one must be aware of. Spammers repeatedly reuse your material content on numerous sites thereby creating a circumstance where one may be penalized with a drop in rankings. Utilizing web services like CopySentry, one can ensure that their websites material has not been reused on the web.


  • Another way to prohibit black hat SEOs is to monitor your backlinks profile. This method is a guaranteed way to make sure that your website is protected from black hat SEOs and spammers. What happens in this method is the spammer creates a redirect link to your website without your knowledge, which aids in performing anti SEO against your domain. Connecting your domain with Google Analytics will automatically keep track of the backlinks being created to your website and this application will instantly update you of the same via email.
  • One more way in which spammers use black hat SEOs is to make fake social networking ids related to your brand name and gain followers on the same. Keeping a watchful eye on such spammers is a must. As soon as you find someone misusing your name or brand name on any form of social media and networking, you must instantly report them as spam.
  • Yet another way to prevent black hat SEO is to monitor your website speed. Spammers may cause your server to crash because they are sending bulk requests to your server per second. GTmetrix is an service site to use for monitoring your website speed.
  • Avoiding strategies that are inacceptable to Google is a fantastic way to ensure that your website is not dragged into the drama and fraudulency of black hat SEO. This is done by avoiding creating multiple backlinks with keywords, also avoiding linking your website with already penalized websites. Buying links from blog networks is an absolute no-no.

Thus, ensure when choosing a SEO company to conduct your Internet marketing, the company that you choose is trustworthy and has been reviewed positively by all its existing clients. Also make it very clear to the marketing team to resist from using any Black Hat SEO methods for the purpose of marketing. Following these above based principles and strategies and keeping a strict watch on the performance of the marketing team will guarantee you no negative SEO and will get your website gradual and long term high rankings on the internet.

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