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How to get listed in DMOZ directory?

How to get listed in DMOZ directory?


Popular search engines including Google and Bing make use of the DMOZ listing index to retrieve information about websites and trust it as a reliable source for learning about the credibility of the site. So getting listed in the DMOZ automatically ensures that your site gets a higher ranking in Google’s search result pages and results of other search engines as well.

The DMOZ or the Open Directory Project was created and is entirely being run by humans, or more particularly volunteers. So the index though quite reliable can be quite a bit of a pain when it comes to submitting and getting listed in it. So here is a quick guide to getting safely and successfully getting listed in the DMOZ index and simple tricks to keep in mind to get the most out of the index.

Steps to submit a website in the index

Initially the website’s URL has to be submitted to the index for it to be reviewed and researched the index’s editors before it can be listed in it. Though it sounds like an easy undertaking, once you get you doing it, you will realize why so many websites are yet to be listed in the index. Anyway to begin, first get to the DMOZ website which can be found at the address www.dmoz.org.

How to get listed in DMOZ directory?

On the landing page you will find the major categories under which all the websites are listed. Click on the category that suits your site the most, and you will be directed to the subcategories below them. Keep navigating through the subcategories that are more relevant to the content of your site, and go as far as possible until the point where you can find no further subcategories that match your requirements.

How to get listed in DMOZ directory?

Now at this page, look for a grayed out menu bar just below the header of the site. Click on the suggest URL link.

How to get listed in DMOZ directory?

Quickly to read through the general guideline and submission policies and scroll down to the space where are you are required to paste your URL. Provide a suitable title and a brief description of the site and click on the submit button.

How to get listed in DMOZ directory?

Ways to ensure that URL submission get listed at the earliest

The site you just submitted will now be put under review and if it agrees to all the terms and policies of the index it will soon be listed on the site. Since the reviewing is done by human volunteers, not only do the submissions take time, but there is a high probability for rejection too. But there are certain ways in which you can ensure that your site gets listed.

1. Ensure your URL isn’t already listed

Though it sounds quite obvious, you will be amazed to find the number of rejections based on this simple error. Since the index is entirely operated by human editors who are thorough in cross referencing it for the submitted site’s listing, even if you miss it, they will be sure to pick it up. So double check whether your site is already indexed in the DMOZ listing.

2. Pick the right category

This might actually be the toughest part of submitting an URL for listing. Because it’s never easy to find the right subcategory to which the site should be submitted. And the index has a strict rule that the URL may be submitted under only one category. So spend some time browsing through the subcategories and visit sites listed under them to get an idea of whether your site matches the category or not. Never take the risk of submitting under a category that’s only partially relevant to your site.

3. Do not overdo it

Waiting can be a hard thing, but with the DMOZ directory it is probably best that you be patient. Submissions usually take weeks and even months to actually get reviewed and listed, but once submitted you can be sure that they are ultimately going to be reviewed. So never think of resubmitting the same URL to make the process faster, this actually only slows the process down. Just submit once properly and wait.

4. Stick to the rules

The directory’s submission rules are few but it’s essential you stick to all of them. Submissions that are well in order and meet all required demands are more likely to be listed sooner. But just adhering to the guidelines will not ensure a listing in the directory, the content within the site should also be appropriate and should match the submission policies of the index. For instance, a site that even has a single line reference to pirated content has high probability of getting rejected by the editors.

How to get listed in DMOZ directory?

5. Do not oversell your site

It’s only natural for submitters to put in a few extra words to make the submission more interesting and sound important. But overselling your site to the index can in no way accelerate the listing process and might actually slow it down. Editors who review your submission look for original content and credible descriptions. So if you’re going to hype it a lot, they might get reluctant to review the site and might even reject the submission.

How to get listed in DMOZ directory?

6. Do not waste money to get your site indexed

The Open Directory Project is a completely non-profit undertaking that does not charge the users for listing the websites. So no matter how convincing, if someone asks you money get your site indexed in the directory, you can be sure it going to be of no help. Or worse the person might do something stupid and can actually slow down the process.

7. Avoid automatic submission bots

While some directories accept submissions made through bots, the DMOZ instantly rejects such applications. So if you have an active software submitting your URL to directories make sure to add the DMOZ directory as an exception to avoid permanently damaging your site’s credibility.

8. Make intelligent submissions

Directories need editors to review and list submissions, so it’s only obvious that if there are no active editors there isn’t going to be much progress with your submission. So when you have finally settled down on a category for your submission, scroll down to the bottom and check the ‘last updated’ tag. If it has been years since the category was last updated, then submit your URL to another category that has active editors for faster listing.

9. Become an editor yourself

When you end up in a sub category that has few or no active editors, then you have a unique opportunity to become an editor yourself for that particular category. Though it requires a bit of effort from your side, it is way better than having to wait for another editor to become active and review. And it isn’t as unethical as it sounds, as long as you stick to the guideline you’re only helping the community and the web as a whole as well.

10. Obtain a domain that has already been listed

This may not work for everyone, but if you do stumble upon a site that’s listed and quite relevant to your own, and if it’s up for sale then you’re in luck. All you have to do is just purchase the domain and simply replace the content. Again this will only work under few lucky conditions.

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