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How to Create More Effective SEO Content?

How to Create More Effective SEO Content?


SEO is the buzzword that has been recently making rounds of the internet circuit, and if you always wondered what the buzz was all about, here’s your chance to find out. Simply put, SEO is the way through which a website can be optimized (hence the name, Search Engine Optimization). The result is higher rankings on Google, because your SEO content communicates with the search engine to help users seek your website/blog out more easily. Take a look at this infographic if you wish to find out exactly how SEO functions.

How to Create More Effective SEO Content?

The benefits of using SEO content are enormous, but as with every other thing in the universe, there are some proper and improper methods of handling such writing. For the most effective strategies when it comes to creating SEO content, take a look at what follows.

1. Quality Content Creation

Quality is still the criteria that makes the world go around, and it is still important today when developing your website. The more relevant the writing on your website, the more the chances of getting more visitors. Newsworthy articles are another great way of improving your SEO content, particularly since a large percentage of visitors search for such topics. Content should be: a) relevant, b) compelling, c) without grammatical errors, d) informative, and e) comprehensible to the targeted audience. A subcategory of this section is Indexing: no matter how good the content, if there isn’t any way for Google to access it and index it, it is as good as non-existent. Always make sure that your website is navigable, so that search engines can crawl and categorize easily. Use Nibbler if you wish to check content quality of your website.

Quality Content Creation

2. Keyword Utilization and Manipulation

According to the statistical figures provided below, search rankings by keyword are some of the best ways of tracking and analyzing your SEO performance. While it may seem a little difficult tracking down the most commonly used keywords and inputting them into your content, without hampering the flow of it in any way, it is a crucial aspect of SEO. It’s important to remember that while keyword density used to be an important tactic, since the 2013s it has been completely reversed. Algorithms are able to find the keywords and even recognize synonyms, meaning which content creation using keywords just needs to stay in tune with what your website has to offer.

Keyword Utilization and Manipulation

3. Updating Strategies for Better Content

Constantly updated website content is a very important aspect of SEO these days. This helps in two ways: a) Helps your website be more relevant to the times, b) Allows Search Engines to find you more quickly. Note that updating content isn’t just about writing fresh articles. A simple way of updating your website is to update the format, structure, may be add an edited note to a content written in 2009 which could do with some edits for 2015, moving your page to a different subsection of the website, and more. Also remember that original content can have secondary benefits in terms of fresh links, better keyword generations, and relevancy as well. Both the content and the overall structure is what is important here.

Updating Strategies for Better Content

4. Effective Integration with Social Networks

Social network integration is an essential success tool for online websites, and bloggers in particular have tapped into this rich and wealthy pool of sources. Now you should note that one thing which people hate in general are spammers, and if you thought Farmville was making more converts with 10 posts a day, you’d be wrong. Post updates that are relevant, share-worthy, and truly engaging for better SEO leads. Moreover, make sure that the content has some “calls to action” because that can help secure more interest towards your website. Social networks are important because a single share on Facebook or a single retweet on Twitter can immediately increase the visibility of your post, and with that, an active hot-link to a particular page on your website.

Effective Integration with Social Networks

5. Word Count Management

Websites typically believe that keyword density are extremely important, but with Google’s new Panda algorithm (introduced in 2014), all of that has changed completely. Google skims the net for “light” content, which means that your content can be as keyword light as you like. What is more important than keyword density is actually word count: and studies have shown that an article worth 2000 words is more likely to succeed than one of 500 words. If a customer wants to find a review of the new Moto G 3 rd generation, for instance, and you provide them with just a list of the specs to fit within a certain word-count, that isn’t going to be too helpful is it? Other competitors with more detailed information might just grab more attention than your website.

Word Count Management

6. Link Building Mechanisms

As one of the most effective skills required to build SEO content, it is also one of the most challenging to implement. So can you get by without link building? Perhaps – but absolutely not, if you’re looking to generate completely free and driven traffic through search engines. Creating an intricate web with associated websites, specifically with contextual link building methods, is an instant way of generating more SERP for any website. Because this is such an important aspect of creating SEO content, we shall take a more in-depth look at this section before moving on to the next one. Elements about a link which help search engines rank it higher are:

  • Global Popularity: The popularity of a website often indicates how high the ranking shall be. Even if you’re just starting out, using links to affiliates or other popular websites in your segment can generate more interest in your own website. Remember that links generally create a form of “neighborhoods”, so stay away from spam websites.
  • Anchor text: Anchor text is invaluable because search engines often try to search for these on a website. To implement this, you can ensure that there are several pages on the web linking to one particular page on your own site. When you participate in community discussions or use a supplementary blog to provide links back to your site, definitely make use of anchor texts.
  • The TrustRank: By establishing a professional relationship with a trusted organization or website such as schools, hospitals, government agencies or well-established commercial sites, you can have access to a no-spam link network. The more direct the link to your website, the better your TrustRank – and consequently, the higher your ranking with search engines.

The TrustRank

7. SEO Tools

Finally, it is important to remember that it isn’t enough to just generate SEO content but to effectively manage it. In this regard, SEO tools can be extremely useful. To test out content and get a better idea of what exactly needs to be improved, many websites are using tools such as those available on www.smallseotools.com or www.moz.com/tools. Moz, for instance, provides tools to analyze keyword difficulty, finds you new opportunities for link creation, an on-page grading system, and many such useful tools. On the other hand, Small Seo Tools helps with originality of the content (plagiarism checker), online ping tools, Back-link checkers, Google page ranks, and more.

SEO Tools

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  1. I believe a good rule of thumb is to keep keyword density at around 3%. Using Google Webmaster Tools I can see what keywords are picked up and the top keyword is always the one that is repeated the most. For SEO purposes I agree with you where to place your keywords and having content of 2000 words as opposed to 500 or so. The more word content you have, the more you can repeat your keywords. Also agree social media integration is a viable source for content marketing


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