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How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel?

How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel?


Since its inception in 2007, YouTube has revolutionized the world. What started as a platform where anyone could share their videos with a worldwide audience, it has grown at exponential levels. Now, lots of people make big money by their YouTube channels. Making and managing a successful YouTube channel is thus a profitable endeavor with attractive opportunities for fame, healthy earnings, and invitations for further collaborations.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is the third most visited website in the world, next to Google and Facebook. It is observed that 1 billion plus unique visitors come to this website every month, and 17% of all internet traffic flows through YouTube. Interestingly, 56 million of this massive traffic is formed by youngsters.

6 billion hours are spent in watching videos here every month which comes to an average of an hour for every person on the face of Earth. Also, through the YouTube partner program, it advertises for more than a million brands. It pays out millions of dollars every year to its partners and Partner Revenues double every four years.

Let’s see how much the best rated YouTube channels from across the world make:

  1. Pewdiepie – 7 million US $
  2. Blue Xephos – 6.7 million US $
  3. Smosh – 5.7 million US $
  4. DisneyCollectorBR- 5 million US $
  5. Blucollection – 4.8 million US $

However, starting a channel on YouTube and promoting it is not a cakewalk. While going through the statistics, we see that only a nominal number of channels are successful.

100 hours lengths of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube. Every day more than 10,000 new people sign up for the YouTube advertisers’ programme. But not even 20% of these reach their threshold to be eligible for the first payment of $100.

The key to a successful channel is a well-planned strategy. Even before trying to make money out of it, one must think from a viewer’s perspective. Prime importance must be given to making the channel unique.

A great deal of research and hard work go into the production of videos which will build the reputation of the channel. That is the most crucial to get a fan following. Millions of dollars get paid to YouTubers around the world for their popularity, quality and information.

Here are a few tips that can help you make your YouTube channel successful.

Selling content

YouTube is bloated with new videos every other minute. To offer the most exclusive content in the best engaging manner is a humble way of explaining the challenging process. There is no formula for making engaging content. But it is a known almost as a fact that comedy sells. If you make a video that is humorous, it is likely that it will get more shares and views. But people from across the world have made videos in unbelievably varied contexts and have got millions and millions of viewers.

Let’s see four examples:

  1. Meet Fred.
    A fictional character created by a YouTuber called Lucas. With high pitched chipmunk voice and hyperactive behavior, he tells us of the things happening in a teenager’s life.
  2. Epic Rap Battles (ERB)
    Everybody knows the story of the rivalry between the Apple giant Steve Jobs and Microsoft big shot Bill Gates. What if they confront each other through rap? The result was a mind-blowing viewership of 125 million people.
  3. Long Live cooking
    This channel has made many recipe videos, each of these videos crosses more than a million views.
  4. Primitive technology

Will a video that is not funny and has no fast editing patterns still get viral? The answer to this is Primitive Technology, a YouTube channel run by and starring John Plant. Set in Far North Queensland, Australia, this series demonstrates the process of living in the wild- a life untouched by modern innovations.

Therefore, offering interesting content is an obvious and primary key to a successful YouTube channel.

Create A Catchy Channel Name And Appealing Titles

A channel name is the first impression to an audience. First, list down the words that are related to your channel and the videos that you plan to upload. Then create a short, playful and memorable name using your creativity. If your content is very engaging but your title is not that catchy, you risk half of the potential viewers at that point. For every video that you post, create an interesting title which must be short and catchy that drives people towards the video.

Use Video SEO To Improve Visibility

Use Video SEO To Improve Visibility

Organic traffic is a crucial factor for YouTube channels that are just starting up. To improve the visibility of your videos for Google search:

  • Add a keyword in your video title.
  • Add the keyword and semantically related words in the description of the video.
  • Use the entire character length available for videos.
  • Add the keyword in the video tags, along with semantically related words.

Posting Videos On The Channel Consistently

To engage a global audience with the YouTube channel and increase its visibility, posting at regular and frequent intervals is very important. YouTube’s leading subscribed channel Pewdiepie used to post 1or 2 videos daily for a long period until it became very popular. After its user base grew to 60 million, it now posts once in a week. It is understood that if the content is relevant and engaging, then people will eagerly wait for it, like in the case of Primitive Technology and many others.Posting videos regularly enable viewers to remain connected to the creator and thus lead to more interactions.

Vary Your Content

Mix up your content and style. Try to not to make the similar type of videos all the time. Variety helps your channel to get a new audience who may love something outside your usual niche. For example, if you are tech vlogger, you usually give reviews of phones, cameras, and its specific features. In one video instead of reviewing in words, take the camera out and go for a trip, capture photos and tell people how good the camera is. Such deviant presentations will attract more people to the channel.

Interact And Involve The Viewers

When people engage with your videos and comment on the link, you are expected to engage with them. This will make things more personal for you and your fan base.

In whichever ways possible, give them space to open up with their opinions and have a very positive relationship with your followers. Popular YouTube channels occasionally even let their followers participate in their streaming videos.

Multi-Platform Social Approach

Multi-Platform Social Approach

YouTube celebrities are not just on YouTube, but they engage in various other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et cetera. It helps the channel to garner more viewers and followers. This will eventually lead to a more enhanced selling potential of the same content.

Thumbnails and Video description

Your video thumbnailshave to be instantly recognizable. You can either choose the best thumbnail from your video footage or create a customized version.


While describing the video, try to give the most vibrant narrative possible for the visuals. Include keywords which are relevant to your video. This will help the video to get into more number of Google/YouTube search results. You can include links to other related videos and therefore help viewers navigate to the best contents of your channel.

End card

By the time a new visitor watches your video, he must feel motivated to subscribe your channel and become your follower. For this, you will have to create an effective end card. Many YouTubers use their logo for this effect. But the best practice is to give a personalized message. This will prompt people to subscribe to you and also cross-promote your other videos.


In Little Things series by Filtercopy, actors appear at the end of the show promoting the channel. This is very effective because of the actors’ lasting impression from the video that the viewer just watched.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics

Insight into how your viewers interact with your videos can help you fine tune your video content for YouTube channels. The Audience Retention report, for instance, tells you the number of views along with the average watch duration. If your videos have a large number of viewers but not many are watching till the end, it’s clear that you need to shorten your video content. YouTube Demographics Report is another value adding and insightful feature; it helps you understand the audiences who are engaging most with your content. Traffic sources, device reports, engagement stats, etc. – there a lot more to explore.

Concluding Remarks

Like any other online venture to make a profit, innovation and factual precision are equally important to make a successful YouTube channel. An eye for current trends and popular culture that will attract attention is essential to make a successful line of videos. The channel has a greater chance of gaining popularity if it has an attractive motif or icon. A creatively intelligent combination of all these factors will lead to an effective YouTube channel.

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