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Which Bitcoin wallet is the best one and how to choose proper Bitcoin wallet?

Which Bitcoin wallet is the best one and how to choose proper Bitcoin wallet?


Bitcoins have arrived, and are gaining ground as a currency for the present and the future rapidly. More than $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins are at present available for use far and wide, with a huge number of exchanges happening day by day. To use Bitcoin, the user needs to have a kind of web wallet. So the primary motivation behind the Bitcoin wallets lies in securely putting away the private keys of your Bitcoin location and effectively achieving it when marking exchange or spending the advanced stores.

There are many kinds of wallets to choose from out of which the main types are:

  • Desktop Wallets: You install this on your personal computer. These are full-highlighted Bitcoin customers, with the high security level and the largest mixed bag of elements.
  • Paper Wallets: Paper wallets are the nearest thing Bitcoin has to a physical structure. Public and private keys can be printed out or even recorded, thus long as the PC information that put away that data is erased nobody can get to it.
  • Online Wallets: Committed to store your advanced keys on the Web. It implies that Bitcoin wallet is put away not on your personal computer, but rather on some faraway server of administration supplier. Some online wallets are made with least components, while others can be utilized as a full-highlighted Bitcoin wallet.
  • Mobile Wallet: It is just about the same as online wallet, its platform being a cell phone. Because you can’t run full Bitcoin customer on cell phone, Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) is utilized here.

Get to know the most renowned Bitcoin wallets better, here:s your guide:

1. Armory Wallet – visit site


Armory Bitcoin Wallet Management is probably the most secure as well as feature-rich Bitcoin wallets available in the market today. It offers three unique user modes: Standard, Advanced and Developer. While it’s obvious that performing offline transactions is always a safer option as it protects user from security risks. But since Armory doesn’t feature any online capabilities, it will require the official Bitcoin Core wallet.


  • Most secure Bitcoin wallet on the market, with security features that include a graphical keyboard to protect against key loggers.
  • Supports deterministic wallets and offline transactions.
  • Offers comprehensive cold storage options.
  • Available on all operating systems and even features an Ubuntu PPA.


  • Doesn’t provide the flexibility of mobile or online modes.
  • Has full control over users’ private keys; and even certain access to their funds.

2. Bitcoin Core Wallet – visit site

Bitcoin Core

Coded by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin Core is considered to be the “original” Bitcoin wallet and was first, and has been continuously upgraded by Bitcoin’s core development team. And although it might not feature the more advanced features or social media aspects of some if its competitors, Bitcoin Core is surely y the most probed, popular, and oldest Bitcoin wallet in the market . The best part is that it is a full-grown node of the overall Bitcoin network, meaning that it is universally accepted.


  • Long legacy makes it a trustworthy wallet.
  • Basic, yet functional software tool.
  • Available on Windows, Linux and Mac, and as an Ubuntu PPA.


  • Owing to its association with the Bitcoin network, Bitcoin Core requires the entire blockchain in order to operate at all.

3. Multibit HD Bitcoin Wallet – visit site


A lightweight, yet highly functional software wallet, Multibit is a Bitcoin wallet that locally encrypts users’ private keys, or on external USB storage device. One of the most characteristic features of Multibit is that users don’t have to download the Bitcoin network’s entire blockchain to get access to funds and send and receive them. It also only downloads the parts of blockchain that it needs, making it a much faster tool to use.


  • It connects directly to the Bitcoin network, making it efficient.
  • It takes up very less space on a hard disk drive (HDD), which can be useful for those with pen drives or other smaller capacity storage devices.
  • It has also translated into over 35 languages.
  • It is available on Mac OS, Windows, and even Linux.


  • Direct connection to the network means that it is more susceptible to hackers.

4. Hive Bitcoin Wallet – visit site


The Hive Bitcoin wallet is a unique wallet that is targeted specifically at novice users, and comes with some very interesting features. Its IM style interface, for example, is a great platform to seamlessly allow users to sell and buy Bitcoins quickly. It also features an integrated application platform that comes with useful inbuilt apps that provide users instant access to many of Bitcoin’s most popular services.


  • An in-built SPV backend speeds up load-time significantly.
  • Its supports the Tor network, offering enhanced anonymity.
  • Allows users to line-up wallet backups onto Dropbox or Time Machine.


  • Is currently available only on Mac OS, although an Android and Windows version is definitely in the making.
  • Seasoned users might find the in-built help guide annoying and distracting.

5. Electrum Bitcoin Wallet – visit site


Similar to Multibit, Electrum is another light Bitcoin wallet. It allows users to generate multiple wallets from a single seed, which can be a huge advantage for some. The best part about Electrum is that it also allows users to perform Bitcoin transaction without the need to download the entire blockchain. It allows users to export a root public key, allowing all compatible applications to monitor a user’s wallet.


  • Supports deterministic wallets, making transaction much faster.
  • Allows users to sign and create offline transactions.
  • Permits import and export private keys from other Bitcoin wallets.
  • Is available for Windows, Android Mac, and Linux.


  • Interconnectivity among compatible wallets possesses a huge security threat; if one wallet gets compromised, they all will.
  • Unexperienced users could potentially ruin the software as it allows them to modify the coding.

6. Blockchain Wallet – visit site

Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain is another Bitcoin wallet that offers top-level security to all its users, especially since online wallets are so susceptible to attack and phishing. For example, it implements client-end AES encryption, which effectively protects users’ wallets from complex server side hacks. Another impressive feature is the double encryption and two tier authentication systems that offer rock-solid protection against online risks.


  • It supports offline transactions.
  • Can be automatically backed up onto Google Drive for Android or Apple’s Dropbox.
  • Allows for manual wallet download.
  • Hourly off-site side backups, performed by Blockchain.
  • Available as a mobile wallet of Blockchain.


  • Mobile wallet feature only exclusively available for Android.

7. Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet – visit site


An online account, working along the lines of PayPal, The Coinbase Bitcoin wallet features an inbuilt Bitcoin exchange tool that allows users to buy, sell or exchange Bitcoins. It also allows users to send and receive funds directly via the use of email address. Coinbase operates on a centralized server and backs up all of its Bitcoins on-site, while actually claiming to store nearly all of its coins in cold storage. And in terms of ease-of-use and security, almost nothing comes even close to Coinbase’s features.


  • Is backed by large venture capital firm that pretty much guarantee that users’ Bitcoins will not be misused.
  • Is available as an Android app.


  • Is the centre of a number of trust and security issues, primarily because the operators have control over all user Bitcoins.
  • No app for iOS.

8. Coinkite Bitcoin Wallet – visit site


Very similar in function to Coinbase, Coinkite is another provider of numerous Bitcoin-related services, including online wallets, Bitcoin debit card issue, and physical payment terminals. The software features a bespoke Hardware Security Module (HSM), reported to be disconnected from the web. Coinkite even issues audit reports at the user’s request. The company is so confident of itself that it has publicized a “symmetric key” which contains all extended keys that have been assigned to all of Coinkite’s users, allowing them to recover their funds in case of closure.


  • Implements BIP32 Hierarchical Deterministic wallets.
  • Provides guarantees in case of shut-down or closure.


  • No mobile app available, restricting its use to desktop or laptop computers.

9. BitAddress Paper Wallet – visit site

BitAddress Paper Wallet

BitAddress is a Bitcoin web-based wallet that creates random public and private keys, which its users can then use to send and receive, as well as spend and store their bitcoins. The biggest advantage of using BitAddress is its ability to allow users to create multiple paper wallets. These wallets are a more secure form of cold storage because the private key is physically stored and maintained on a physical paper, instead of the web or some online software. Either way, it’s always recommended that users use paper wallets, to complement other forms of Bitcoin storage.


  • Ability to create paper wallets.
  • Provides a safer form of cold storage.


  • Users are required to import their private key into a digital wallet if they want to initiate any kind of transaction.
  • Doesn’t work well as a standalone Bitcoin service.

10. Pi-Wallet – visit site


The Pi-Wallet is a truly remarkable device, and is also the only hardware-based Bitcoin wallet that is currently commercially available. The product is nothing more than a Raspberry Pi that operates Armory’s Bitcoin wallet software. This means that it contains all of Armory’s features in a physical device. Another big plus is that the Pi-Wallet does not have direct access to an internet connection, providing an additional layer of security against online threats and offering advantages that only such a type of hardware wallet could provide.


  • One of a kind hardware-based Bitcoin wallet.
  • Physical form provides added security.
  • Raspberry Pi foundation makes it less prone to viruses.
  • Provides instructions that allow users to build a homemade Pi-Wallet.


  • Lack of direct Internet access can be a cumbersome experience at times.
  • Non-aesthetic design and flimsy construction.

How to Choose Bitcoin Wallets?

Things to keep in mind while choosing you Bitcoin Wallet:

  • Review your operating system: Consider selecting your wallet according to the operating system that you use. The most popular is the web or cloud based wallet. These wallets are frequently the most effortless to set up but slightest secure.
  • Security of Desktop and Cellphone Wallets: On the off chance that you need to use a web-based Bitcoin wallet, you need to choose one that has a decent reputation in the Bitcoin group and that likewise offers great security components, for example, two-element authentication. Numerous Bitcoin experts contend that a mobile Bitcoin wallet is really the most secure online because cellular telephone processors isolate encoded information, which makes an encoded mobile wallet almost difficult to hack.
  • Offline and Paper Wallets: Also known as cold storage, offline and paper wallets are not joined with the web and hence can’t be hacked. A typical practice is to store the wallet on a USB thumb drive in a safe deposit box.

Keeping all the above points in mind, you will have the capacity to narrow down your decisions to a couple that would be most suitable for you. There is no such thing as the “ideal” wallet for everybody, as distinctive clients will have diverse needs. For instance, somebody who just keeps what might as well be called a couple of dollars in their wallet will presumably not think a lot about cutting edge security highlights, while an ecommerce site administrator that has several huge transactions every day would require a wallet that is as secure as could be expected under the circumstances.

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