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12 Best Free Website Builders of 2021

12 Best Free Website Builders of 2021


The best free website builders of 2021 have little to do with the old website building software you might have come across 10 years ago.

Modern free website builders are free software that lets you build websites in a cloud. At the same time, it’s easy, without prior training and, which is important – completely free.

When I say “free” I don’t mean a free Trial version for a certain time, but a real free plan that allows you to use a free website for as long as you need.

In the case of creating a free website, the website builder’s capabilities will have some limitations. As a rule, this is the size of disk space, the ability to use your own domain name, the limitation on the number of pages and the advertising logo of the site designer. Each free website builder will have its own nuances. This is why you should check out this review to find out which free website builder is ideal for your particular case.

Top Free Website Builders

I’ve spent dozens of hours testing and reading technical reviews of the most popular free website builders. I also looked at the reviews of real users and compared them with my impressions after use. As a result, I have compiled a list of 12 of the best website builders for building a free website.

1. Wix [ create a free website ]


Wix launched in 2006, and shot to fame due to its drag and drop page builder. It is not the only website builder to have such an editor, but it surely is the best one out there. How do we know that? Well, for starters, Wix powers 110 million websites across 190 countries. With the number of users using this website builder for free, it is easy to understand that it is a trusted option.

The Free Plan Includes:

With the Wix free plan, you get 500MB of storage and 500MB bandwidth. That is pretty decent for starting a website. You can customize your website as per your needs, and that would require no coding.

However, if you are looking for scalability, you will need to spend at least $13 a month. That’s the basic premium package. If you need a custom domain, Google Analytics, online payments, and customer support, you’ll have to pay.

Wix for novices:

For newbies, the free plan seems reasonable enough. If you want to build a website on your own, with zero tech or coding skills, you can start with Wix. Once you have set the base, you can scale later with the premium options. For new beginnings, Wix is the go-to site builder.

2. Weebly [ create a free website ]


Weebly has over 12 million registered users for this website builder. It was acquired in 2018 by Square (not Squarespace!), and it’s the free features that make it extremely popular. There is so much in the free version that most novices don’t even feel the need to look for the premium packages.

The Free Plan Includes:

Practically all features and functionalities that one needs in a website are available for free, including 100MB storage. It is much easier to list down the exceptions.

Header slideshow, search box, audio, and video player, embedded documents, and password protection for some webpages are what you will be NOT getting in the free version. Plus, some specific eCommerce features like cart abandonment emails.

If you can give these things a pass, Weebly can be the best pick for you. It is literally as easy as playing around to customize your website on Weebly, and you can get it up and running pretty fast.

Weebly for novices:

Weebly gives you complete access to its HTML and CSS coding. That’s great for those who know coding. For everyone else, the drag and drop editor is there to the rescue. It is an all-in-all great pick in for beginners and those who are looking for basic functionalities and fast results.

3. WordPress.org [ create a free website ]


Established in 2003, WordPress.org, today, powers 37.6% of all websites on the Internet. It is the simplest and the most straightforward option when it comes to finding a free HTML5 website builder. Run by a not-for-profit organization, it is as free as it can be. And that means each and everything is free, for life.

The Free Plan Includes:

From unlimited hosting storage to a wide range of templates and plugins (55,000+ plugins are available in the WordPress plugin directory), WordPress has it all. You can also make templates from scratch or get custom plugins built.

Opening an eCommerce store on WordPress or running a membership site is also free. Google Analytics tracking is available, and you can monetize your website in any way.

The only thing that isn’t free is the web hosting service that you choose and domain name because that is not under the purview of WordPress.

WordPress.org for novices:

WordPress lacks a drag and drop editor and has a WYSIWYGeditor instead. The learning curve might be a little steep, but a lot of free learning resources are available. You can also use block editors and builders like Divi for easy and effective results.

4. Webnode [ create a free website ]


For all the DIY enthusiasts, Webnode is an excellent choice. With form and functionality both on the higher end, Webnode doesn’t make the users feel that the free version is anywhere less than the premium plans. The cherry on the top is the fact that it supports around 20 languages. Building a multilingual website is easy breezy with Webnode.

The Free Plan Includes:

For free users, Webnode offers up to 100MB of storage space. You don’t get a unique domain name, but with the latest improvement upgrades, you can have a straightforward customization experience and beautiful design templates.

For newcomers in the online world, building a Webnode powered website is quick, easy, and well within the budget. Just like 40 million other users, you can trust Webnode for functional, visually appealing, and reliable websites.

Webnode for novices:

Webnode has a drag and drop editor and a lot of beautiful and responsive design and customization options. Until you need to go pro, you can make use of the free version. For people who are just starting, it helps you set a firm foot in the online arena. You might not have the best of everything with Webnode, but you’ll surely have enough of everything.

5. SITE123 [ create a free website ]


If you are looking for an easy to use free website builder, SITE123 is like all your wishes come true together. It is an Israel-based company that launched the website builder in 2015. The best part about SITE123 is that the intuitive builder assumes no design and tech experience.

The Free Plan Includes:

If you don’t want to run constant videos on your website, the 500MB storage and 1GB bandwidth offered for free by SITE123 will make you happy. Other than that, you also get the ability to build your website in just a matter of a few minutes.

You get to use the built-in wizard that gives you a bespoke website design after you answer some basic questions. Also, SEO, responsiveness, and back-end server configurations are taken care of for you. A truly hassle-free experience.

SITE123 for novices:

How about if you could tell someone what kind of a website you want and with what features, and the website materializes out of thin air? Well, that’s precisely what SITE123 does for you. Novices will hardly be able to find a better website builder if they are looking for minimal build-up time and no fuss in a website builder.

6. Jimdo [ create a free website ]


Jimdo launched in 2010, and since then, it has been used to get 200,000 million online stores up and running. If you are looking for an easy free website builder, Jimbo is right at your service with its 12 language support. It is a preferred pick for those who want to sell. Small businesses, budding entrepreneurs, and freelancers can especially take advantage of it’s a fast and easy interface to get their store ready within minutes.

The Free Plan Includes:

Jimdo free plan comes loaded with 500MB storage, 2GB bandwidth, HTTPS encryption, and all the essential features that you’ll need. It has two editors, Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin. Creator is the simple and easy to use editor and Dolphin is the AI-powered editor.

Jimdo websites might not always be mobile optimized, but for most use cases, you can give that a pass.

Jimdo for novices:

If you want to set up an online store for your small business, don’t look further than Jimdo. It is perfect in more ways than one and well-suited for all that you’ll need. It is quick, easy, and doesn’t compromise on effectiveness or efficiency – everything that novices need.

7. WebFlow [ create a free website ]


WebFlow is another popular name among the top free website builders. As of writing this, 121,262 live websites are running on WebFlow. It is a reliable, one-stop solution for all your website building needs. You get both exceptional form and functionality, and that too for free. You can upgrade to a premium plan, but that isn’t necessary for most people.

The Free Plan Includes:

The free WebFlow plan comes with a bundled website developer and CMS. You only need to pay for the hosting. Rest all is literally free. You can customize stuff, and you get almost all the features in the free version itself. Full design control, a two project (website) limit, and 100+ hours of tutorials on the WebFlow university make up for a decent enough package.

WebFlow for novices:

If you are just starting with your website building endeavors, WebFlow is an ideal builder. It gives you creative liberty, ease, and a wide array of features in the free plan. It is a no-nonsense builder that can be used by anyone and everyone.

8. Bookmark [ create a free website ]


If you are a small business owner looking to test the waters before taking the plunge, Aida,’s AI-based design assistant, can walk you through the process after it has already done a majority of the process for you.

Among free business website builder options, Bookmark stands out as unique because of two things. One, its high powered AI design assistant. And second, the Toronto-based builder that launched in 2014 practically lets you sit back while your website is built.

The Free Plan Includes:

If you can keep your website under ten pages and do not need an eCommerce shop, Bookmark is your best option. Other than the 10-page limit and no online store, the free plan includes all other features that a basic businessman needs in a website builder. It is versatile, has a lot of resources available, and has a broad spectrum of customization options as well.

Bookmark for novices:

Those who don’t want to go all out at once, and want to keep things stored, Bookmark does the job pretty well. Especially the AI design assistant is a relief for those who don’t want to try their hands at building a website and yet need a free, fully-functional website.

9. Strikingly [ create a free website ]


You are not alone if you are looking for a free online web builder, and Strikingly has heard your wishes. It is here to help you get online fast. How fast? A couple of minutes, if you please. Strikingly has been powering a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners since 2012, and its free plan puts a lot of premium plans (from other builders) to a shame.

The Free Plan Includes:

The free Simple Store offered by Strikingly offers one product per site, 5GB per month of bandwidth, and 24 by seven support. That’s pretty cool if you don’t have an empire to take online.

Strikingly for novices:

One page website builders often lack customization options, but not Strikingly. It ranks high both on customization and ease of use parameters. If you need to get online fast, and for free, pick Strikingly, and create stunning websites that strike the right cords for your blog/business.

10. Google Sites [ create a free website ]

Google Sites

If you are looking for a free website builder software, Google Sites might not really fit in the list. It isn’t a website builder but lets you create and share content (pretty much like a website) for free, and that’s what makes it one of the best options in the market. It is unique, but functional and effective nonetheless.

The Google brand name weighs down a lot of expectations on Google Sites, and well, it does fulfill those.

What’s included in Free?

Everything. It has a simple and clean interface, the possibility to link with other Google services (AdSense, Analytics, and the likes), and a substantial amount of customization and widget adding options.

It might not be a traditional website builder, but it does help you do what you wanted to do with a website anyway. Create and share content, publish projects publicly, and collaborate with others. All this for free. Don’t let anyone tell you GS isn’t a great substitute to website builders.

Google Sites for novices:

Just one word – Perfect. When you are new to building websites, let Google guide you with its many free features.

11. WebStarts [ create a free website ]


If you are looking for a non-complicated and no-frills builder, the best website builder you can find is WebStarts. It is not all-encompassing, but it doesn’t really lack anything if you actually want no frills.

What’s included in Free?

WebStarts is among the selected few builders that offer unlimited pages and live chat support in the free version. Also, the 1GB storage and 1GB bandwidth, make it a great option. It promises modern designs, easy customization, and robust features. And it delivers all of it, even with the free plan.

WebStarts for novices:

If you are just starting out on the web, let WebStarts help you get the right start. It’s feature-packed SaaSbuilder makes you feel like a pro web developer even if you really don’t know much, thanks to the easy editing and customization options. Mobile responsiveness, fresh themes, cool customization – three needs, one solution – WebStarts.

12. Yola [ create a free website ]


Yola is the most friendly option among the best free website builders. Maybe that is because of its Californian and South African roots. And the sunny side doesn’t end with a friendly appearance, it’s a fool and fail-proof free plan and a simple way for budding businessmen to become pro website builders.

What’s included in Free?

Complete features of the easy and intuitive website builder come with the free plan. There is a three-page limit, but if yours is a small business, you can very well make optimal use of that.

With Yola Free, you get 2GB of storage (1 GB each for the two websites you are allowed to build) and a 1GB bandwidth limit. Starting with Yola is a good option if you want no costs, minimum hassles, yet don’t want to let that interfere with the quality and uniqueness of your website.

Yola for novices:

It is a good pick for newbies in the world of websites. If you need an editor that is simple, free, intuitive, and has scope for scalability, you can absolutely go with Yola.

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  1. Thank you for detailed review! Usually such ratings of website builders don’t contain such detailed listing of pros and minus for each one. Hope this is true information because you’ve made a great work. Thank you!

  2. Very good review of some of the best free website builders but I know for sure that at least Wix and Weebly have gotten better since your review. Right now I think Weebly is definitely the best free website builder. It’s the easiest to use and has a lot of interesting features that help create cool looking websites. Wix is not far behind but still not better than Weebly.


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