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The Best Ways To Convert YouTube Videos To MP3 And MP4 formats

The Best Ways To Convert YouTube Videos To MP3 And MP4 formats


YouTube is among the best video sharing platforms on the internet, where users can upload video content and share it with the world. But there may be times when you’d want to download the content off the web and access it on a different device. Converting the video to MP3 or MP4 audio formats not only reduces the file size but can also increase its accessibility. Want to convert the YouTube video to MP3 and MP4? Discussed below are some of the best video convertor methods that convert YouTube Videos to MP3 and MP4: The need for MP3, MP4 converting techniques.

You don’t necessarily need an MP3 player to listen to songs, today every phone or electronic gadget supports MP3 or MP4 format. They are considered to be universally accepted, for they support all devices and platforms. And therefore a smart way of accessing YouTube content offline is by converting them to a more suitable format. This is where converting software and applications come into the picture. Users can now convert the YouTube files to MP3 as well; this serves the dual purpose of enhancing the quality of the file but cutting down on the size.

Convert videos online

For people who don’t want to deal with the hassles of downloading the convertor application, you can always resort to the online video to audio conversion websites. The quick and responsive interface supports both file name and URL converting YouTube videos lightning fast. One such online video convertor is Flvto YouTube to MP3 Downloader that allows instant and top quality audio video conversions.

It supports all operating systems and devices, ranging from Android, Windows and IOS to even older versions like Linux. Just insert the correct URL and convert any YouTube video to a wide number of audio formats easily. Be it MP3, MP4, avi, mov, or wmv you can get it all here! The top audio quality and simple operation make this application a success among both tech geeks and amateurs.

Thanks to Flvto application, you can now enjoy your favourite soundtracks anywhere! Also it is not just limited to YouTube; you can even convert videos from other websites as well such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe and Facebook. With Flvto you get to download and convert music from anywhere across the web!

Downloadable software and applications

There are so many video converter software that you can download. Check out YouTube to MP3 software that allows you to convert the YouTube videos and also compress the size saving it in your device. Another converting software is VIP Video convertor that can support more than 200 formats! The interactive and responsive interface of these applications makes it easy to use and operate on. These applications are great for users who don’t have a strong internet connection- you can download the videos offline and then convert it. Some other software are mentioned below:

Aneesoft Batch Convertor: Among the offline best converting applications, this software ensures both speed and quality, that is, the video content is converted to MP3 without compromising on the quality of the file. You even get a free trial pack before you subscribe for the authentic version.

Win Creator: This user friendly and efficient application supports all devices and systems. All you need to do is insert the file name or URL and it takes care of the rest. Users can even trim the length of the file as per their requirement.

Anything2MP3: A great convertor application for users who want to download and convert audio from both YouTube and sound cloud, it tracks the source of the file and drags it from its authentic source. Also the quick and responsive interface ensures fast conversion without any loss in content quality.

Recording software

Another smart way of extracting the audio content from a YouTube video is by using the recording application. You can either record the content online or use an offline software or device. The cross platform compatibility and customisable options further simplify your job. Other than music lovers and tech geeks these online recording applications are a smart tool for gamers as well. Although the recording applications are not as effective as converting software i.e. it might affect the sound quality. Some easy ways to record sound from YouTube is given below:

Softsonic: Softsonic is a popular recording software among users known for providing best sound quality while recording YouTube videos. Available online at very affordable prices, you can download the software get recording immediately!

Audacity: Another amazing recording software for amateurs is Audacity, where users can even edit the recorded file and customise it as per their preferences. Wait for the video to buffer and start recording once it starts playing.

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