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Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker – Top 10 Tools

Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker – Top 10 Tools


Blogging, writing books, freelance content writing, academic paper writing, copy editing – the art of writing takes many forms. Although there are various writing styles, every writer prides himself on the uniqueness of his/her work. Plagiarism, however, is rampant. Often, a writer’s work could end up being called plagiarized even though it’s just ‘similar’ with something already written and available in the public domain, and not exactly intentional.

Why is Plagiarism Wrong?

Well, there are plenty of reasons as to why plagiarism is wrong. To begin with, it is stealing. A person cannot take something that is not his and claims it as his own. Additionally, plagiarism doesn’t benefit anyone as the person plagiarising doesn’t ever learn anything on his own.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be defined best as thievery or copying. Imagine writing an article and publishing it and a few days later seeing that same article published elsewhere with someone else’s name on it. That is a disturbing thought indeed, but that is what plagiarism is. Fortunately, the internet offers plenty of plagiarism check tools to stop this wrong. But, which online plagiarism checkers are considered top brass? The following list will help you identify them.

Grammarly – check tool


This software is a great tool to check for plagiarism. Apart from having an online platform for spelling and grammar check, it gives you the option of adding a Grammarly extension to your computer. While writing a document, it proofreads the texts and has the ability to scan about 250 types of grammatical errors. This tool not only fights plagiarism but also helps you become a better writer. It enhances vocabulary and quality of writing by giving explanations to every error made.

Plagiarisma – check tool


Plagiarisma is a basic software that is very easy to use. It supports more than 190 languages and has a great plagiarism checker. The paid service offered by Plagiarisma offers unlimited scans while the free service offers only 3 scans per day. It offers Chrome add-ons and also the option of article re-writing. The people who benefit most from using this tool are students, colleges, institutions, and universities. An added advantage is that you can use this tool even on your Androids and BlackBerrys.

Plagium – check tool


This tool is a great help when it comes to checking for plagiarism. It offers quick results after checking the web, thus it is preferred by many. The interesting thing about Plagium is the fact that it doesn’t restrict itself to the web making a plagiarism check. It also checks the content found on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and presents its results. It uses two types of search methods, the quick search, and the deep search. Plagium allows you to scan up to 5000 characters per search for free.

Paperrater – check tool


A tool that every student will benefit from, Paperrater is a free software that is great to check school projects and essays. The three main services it offers are grammar checker, plagiarism checker, andproofreading. The results of every plagiarism check are really quick and this is great because it saves its user a lot of time.

DupliChecker – check tool


DupliChecker is probably the best free plagiarism checking tool available. Its interface is very simple and easy to use and it gives you two options to check for plagiarism. You can either paste your document in the area provided or upload it to the tool. Signing up is free and its members get access to 50 scans per day, while unregistered users get access to a single scan per day. DupliChecker is great for checking website content which is prone to legal issues, assignments, essays and academic work that was written by students and any document that needs to be published. Interestingly, it also allows you to check if your content is being misused.

Copyscape – check tool


When it comes to being through, Copyscape is the name to remember. If you’re looking for a plagiarism checker on your website or blog, this tool is of great help. Its inbuilt Siteliner will help you stay away from copying content from other websites or anyother place. Additionally, it gives you the option of adding banners that would keep content thieves away. Copyscape also finds copies of your work that maybe on the internet and lets you know how to remove them. Copyscape also offers you a free tool to compare two web pages. Also, you can paste the seemingly ‘plagiarised’ content alongside the original content in this tool, and see the detailed analysis on the level of similarity.

CopyLeaks – check tool


This tool is a great option for business and education. Beneficial for publishers, SEO agencies, schools, universities, and students, CopyLeaks is an easy an easy to use tool that helps in scanning websites. Its free service lets you scan 10 pages of 250 words each per month. If you sign up for free, you can scan upto 2500 words, while its business package allows you to check 25,000 words per day. CopyLeaks’ mobile application helps you carry out plagiarism checks on the move.

PlagTracker – check tool


Plagtracker is a great tool if you’re looking for fast and detailed results. The free version doesn’t let you upload any document, however, its premium package lets you upload documents and doesn’t set a word limit. PlagTracker is useful for students, teachers, and website owners and is available in 6 languages namely, English, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, French and German. Something to remember is that this tool doesn’t necessarily give 100% accurate results.

Viper – check tool


Viper is a free for all plagiarism checker tool and has an immense check range. To be precise, it can check more than 10 billion online sources from website and journals to books. Students can make the most out of this tool as it is especially targeted toward them. It uses a three-step review system for checking, scanning and comparing documents and then uses the information received to give out detailed results. Viper offers live chat customer support, which helps you quickly come to terms with the technicalities of the online software.

Quetext – check tool


This is a plagiarism checker tool that is used by students, teachers and professional writers. They check for plagiarism by scanning a plethora of websites, books, and 1 million academic articles. They also score your results and add links to any sources that you may have missed. Additionally, they go as far as sighting the sources you used to write your content.


We saw what plagiarism is and why it is wrong, we also saw that there are websites that can check plagiarism and help you stop it. Writing is a skill and anyone who wants to be a content writer must know these things. As much as possible, write original content that can be of benefit to the reader. If you like an article of another content writer, then take the time to understand what is written, and write it down. The key is to get the gist of the matter and then write it down in the best way possible.

These plagiarism detection tools help. Once you understand how much of your content is plagiarised, you can work on improving yourself and becoming a better content writer.

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