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10 Best Anti Spam WordPress Plugins in 2018

Matthew Galloway
With increased Internet accessibility, the number of spammers is growing regularly. And owing to its popularity, WordPress is one of their favorite targets. If you run a website or blog on this platform, chances are you receive hundreds of spam comments. The worst part is, spammers often use advanced tools to make their comments appear [...]

7 Powerful Free WordPress Slider Plugins – 2017

Michael Layton
If you want your WordPress website to succeed, you need to engage your customers. And to engage your customers, you need to present your content in the best possible way. The question is, how can you do that? While many solutions present themselves, the most effective one is a free WordPress slider plugin. May be [...]

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Lester Conway
Here's an activity for you. Sit down, close your eyes, and reach upon a ballpark figure of the number of hours you have invested in your website. Content creation, page designs, comment moderation, images, SEO - everything. We're the number is staggering. Now, imagine logging in to your Wordpress account, and seeing a blank page [...]

Top 20 SEO Plugins for WordPress Sites in 2017

Matthew Galloway
Super visibility on several search engines and huge organic traffic potential ensures a website’s success. For this it’s important that the website is treated with a proper SEO attention. Installing high quality and advanced SEO plugins is the answer. Wordpress websites are considered highly search-friendly. With appropriate SEO plugins added, Wordpress websites attain higher rankings [...]

10 Best WordPress Statistics Plugins To Analyze Your Website

Lester Conway
Making a good looking website with great content is one thing. But to really expand and open the flood gates for traffic, you need to analyze your website. It is very helpful to know about your audience. Knowledge about where they are from and what they are reading the most will provide you with sufficient [...]

5 Steps to Become a WordPress Expert

Suresh Pant
WordPress is a fun CMS (Content Management System) that everyone loves. WordPress makes things incredibly easy. It’s easy to build a website/blog using WordPress and its usability is also newbie-friendly. One can host their site within a couple of minutes-- no wonder about 28.3% of all websites are powered by WordPress. Once you get the [...]

12 Tips On How To Protect Your WordPress Site

Lester Conway
The more popular you are, the more attacks you will face – that’s the Internet mantra these days. How you face those attacks is entirely up to you, but you can’t skimp on security measures. Unfortunately, that is exactly what many WordPress users do, in spite of it being the most popular blogging platform. If [...]

Best Tips How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Lester Conway
According to a study published by StrangeLoop, Amazon, Google and other big names almost always see a 7% loss in conversions with a second’s delay in page loading time. This may be because; the attention span of the average customer has gone down from 12 seconds to a meager 7 seconds from 2000 to 2016. [...]

How to Code Mobile and Desktop DFP Ads on your WordPress Site

Lester Conway
DFP stands for DoubleClick for Publishers and as the name implies, it’s used by various publishers as either an ad server or it can provide a lot of benefits to manage the sales process on behalf of the company. Several popular ad networks such as AdSense by Google, are usually run on DFP if the [...]

How To Update WordPress Theme Correctly without Losing Your Changes

Lester Conway
WordPress constantly hounds its users to keep updating their sites by downloading new cores and plugins. And one of the recommendations that users most often hear about is to update their WordPress theme. A lot of them would like to but are always worried that they might have to start customizing their sites from scratch [...]