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5 Best Ways To Know Traffic Of Other Website

5 Best Ways To Know Traffic Of Other Website


For it to sell, it has to be visible – there’s nothing as true as this old age adage. Even the most differentiated and substantial content can remain unseen and unacknowledged without visibility. Only the perfect combinations of great content and great SEO can be successful in the contemporary world of cutthroat completion in the virtual world. There’s hardly anything surprising about the fact that website managers are as concerned about SEO as they are about the quality of the content they showcase on the website. Among the several SEO tactics that you need to focus upon to devise and affect a wholesome SEO success strategy, analyzing the traffic on competitor websites is a smart yet slightly used trick. Let’s see what you have to gain from understanding any other website’s traffic.

Identifying competitors to benchmark against – It can be really smart on your part to emulate what your competitors are doing the best and take it a step further. With traffic analysis of similar websites, you can identify the ones that are really attracting heavy traffic and can then try to identify the unique attributes of the content and user experience provided by them.

Filter out websites that are worth advertising on – In order to make your SEO campaigns successful, you might well have to consider leaving banners or advertisement texts on popular websites. By understanding the traffic profile of shortlisted websites, you can segregate the ones that are best suited for your marketing messages.

Get more insight on the demographics of the traffic – Surprises are always around the corner when you devise strategies for a virtual environment, and that’s why any insight you can have about the target market can be worth gold! By analyzing attributes of a website’s traffic, such as the country of origin, medium of redirection, etc., you can expect great results.

Are you already bubbling to check out some facts about your competitors’ websites traffic? Here are 5 amazing tools that help you find out the volumes of traffic being attracted to specific websites and offer vital information about the profile of traffic, so that you can use the information to fine tune your SEO strategy and tactics.

1. Alexa.com


The online competitive research tools marketplace is carefully followed by SEO enthusiasts, and any SEO expert would vouch for the fact that Alexa is among the more reliable of tools for basing your SEO campaigns on. Here’s a quick look at all the Alexa features that make it an awesome analysis tools for understanding how websites are attracting traffic.

Alexa Traffic Ranking for clear indications – Alexa takes the complexity out of the SEO research process and helps newbies analyze competitors’ websites by observing their Alexa Traffic Ranks. This ranking helps you put things into perspective and segregate websites based upon their traffic inflow. The traffic rank is a great indicator of how different websites from a vertical fare against each other.

PageViews Per Visit and Bounce Rate analysis for more insight – Whereas just the traffic ranking can leave a lot unanswered, Alexa ensures that you get the complete insight you want with well-organized data for parameters such as Pageviews per visit and Bounce Rate. Whereas high Pageviews per visit figures help you identify websites that make viewers stick, Bounce Rate is a good indicator to find out websites that fail to make visitors stay.

Downstream and Upstream Traffic sources for extended analyses – The downstream traffic source data can help you find out as to where viewers head to after they are done with viewing your competitors website. Leaving your redemptive marketing messages at such websites can bring great results. Also, you can use upstream traffic sources’ data to identify sources of traffic for your vertical’s successful website, so that you can encash the same.

Keyword analyses for really differentiated and actionable knowledge – The keyword research service offered by Alexa is what puts it right at the top of the lists of the best SEO research tools and traffic analyses websites. With understanding of the most frequently used search terms, you can devise a powerful keyword strategy to center your content upon.

2. Similarweb.com


For all your pre-launch market analyses, look no further than SimilarWeb to give you all the information you need to create a successful content and SEO strategy. Identify the best performing pages from comeptitors’ websites, explore new websites to strike advertisement deals with, and new affiliate partners to give impetus to your website’s traffic – SimilarWeb gives you actionable information in the way you want. Here’s more on how this tool can make your SEO more successful.

The simplest way to know everything about your competitors’ websites – SimilarWeb is easily the simplest SEO research tools you can hope to find. When you feed a website’s URL to SimilarWeb, you’re quickly shown neatly organized data about its traffic. The website’s global rank, country rank, website category rank, along with parameters like weekly visits number for past 6 months are shown right away to you when you use SimilarWeb.

Know what’s bringing traffic to a website – SimilarWeb gives you valuable information regarding the backlink distribution of any website. Among the details it shows are the Page Authority and Domain Authority, number of backlinks unearthed in the past month, anchor text varieties, total count of backlinks, and the best pages.

Analyze industries, keywords, and demographics – With SimilarWeb, you have the perfect companion for your SEO campaign design, courtesy all the important information it facilitates for you. Not only can you identify the most suitable industries and viable countries for generating traffic, but can also lay your hands upon the keywords being successfully used by other websites to attract traffic.

Widgets to enhance your SimilarWeb experience – Use the SimilarWeb Website Visits widget to showcase dynamic graphs of website traffic for three websites, offering a comparison for past 3 months’ traffic. This widget can help you present your website’s traffic trends in comparison with a couple of popular competitors.

3. Semrush.com


Valuable insights can help you create precise and result oriented content, SEO, marketing and advertising strategies. Contrary to popular beliefs, strategizing for online success is as resource dependent as any offline campaign and SEMRush ensures that you get the most out of your time and dollar investments. Let’s understand how SEMRush goes beyond just producing figures about the traffic coming to a website.

A detailed report of your competitors’ success strategies – SEMRush goes beyond routine SEO research and gives you detailed information regarding a website’s link building, paid and organic search, and display advertising efforts. Apart from this, you can see the best performing keywords for any website and can get grasp of how domain ranks change over short time durations.

Everything about a website’s advertising campaigns – If advertising is a vital ingredient of your SEO mix, it’s smart to use SEMRush to unearth information pertaining to competitors’ advertisement strategies, budgets, ad copies, and keywords. Moreover, SEMRush connects you to new competitors for Bing and AdWords ads. Identifying viable advertising platforms is also effortlessly easy with SEMRush.

Unmatched backlinks and keyword research – SEMRush comes with some amazing features such as deep backlink analyses, backlink types’ analyses, geo-location profiling of referring domains, insight for referring domains’ authority, along with keyword research tools for identifying perfect keywords for SEO and PPC, gathering close phrase matches and associated keywords, exploring multilingual environments, and getting long tail keywords. In this manner, SEMRush is all you can ask for in order to streamline your backlinks and keyword research.

Awesome library of SEO research tools – SEMRush brings several smart research and analyses tools to the table for you, right from a Domain Versus Domain comparison that generates visual comparison data to Site Auditing for checking, identifying and correcting SEO risks for your website.

4. Compete.com


For the most differentiated SEO research aid, Compete is your one-stop stop for all your requirements. Although considered pricey by many, Compete pays you back with its unique research methodology that connects you to the most useful and accurate data for websites. Want to know more about the Compete advantage? Read on.

The most complete site profiles – Compete is all you’ll ever need to understand everything about a website’s traffic. The data overview that Compete generates for any website contains accurate data about number of unique visitors to a website, page views, average stay time for websites, demographics of the viewers and links to referral and search analyses. The data reported to you is offered in week, month, quarter, bi-annual, year, and 2-year duration ranges, which facilitates short term and long term analyses.

Get a grip of the important players of your target market – Compete’s Ranked List features goes a long way in helping you thoroughly understand the most important websites operating in and serving the markets you are targeting. The three step filtering method helps you generate lists of websites ranked according to various parameters. The three layered filtering helps you generate ranking lists for website as per the parameters that you think are the most important for analyses.

The most amazing keyword research tool – Compete’s Search Analytics provide detailed information regarding a website’s most high performing keywords, paid and natural keywords, long tail keywords and comparison of 2 websites based on keyword parameters. You can also generate data for important parameters such as Total Index Time, an indicator for the time spent by visitors on a website, and Enthusiastic Keywords, which gives you keywords that contribute a lot towards making visitors stay.

A powerful referral analyses tool set – Compete clubs the best from the world of referral to give you actionable insights for devising your SEO strategies. Referral analytics tell you where a website’s visitors go to after visiting it and also help you identify good advertising platforms.

5. Quantcast.com


Looking to make sense of data regarding the number of visitors to a website and the kind of visitors coming over to web pages? Quantcast is what you need. Giving you reliable insights for SEO campaigns, conversion tactics and site content strategies, Quantcast can make a massive difference in the SEO relevance of your website if you use it to analyze other websites before working upon your strategies.

Understanding audiences like never before – For all of you trying to set up successful web based businesses, Quantcast can help you understand audiences like nothing else can. Use Quantcast to see through trends via advanced traffic reports and analyses. You can even focus on product level insights to be able to devise a great marketing mix for your web based business.

Detailed demographic information – Understanding the demographic distribution of a website’s traffic can really help you in planning the right content for the same, and that’s where Quantcast helps you with its detailed reporting which goes well beyond just inexpressive traffic figures. Quantcast can make a serious difference in your online selling success.

Identify the best advertisers – Quantcast is among the most renowned services to help you find the right advertisers. Exposing your products and content to the right target audience can be just the impetus your new websites and web stores need, and that’s where Quantcast connects you to platforms that have the right visibility among the people you want to appeal to.

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