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25 Best Small Business Ideas for Men

25 Best Small Business Ideas for Men


Are you still stuck in your 9-5 jobs, dreaming of the day when you could launch your own start-up and earn loads of money? Or, are you a work-from-home dad looking to branch out into a small business. Well, no time like the present! Here are some of the best small business ideas that you can work on.

1. Café or Tea Shop

Opening a cozy café or tea stall by the busy street side might look very peaceful and easy, but mind you, it requires considerable effort and investment. From deciding upon the right location to tapping on your target market- it is a long and tedious way indeed. However, it is a smooth ride once you have established a reputation. Men who are smooth talkers can quickly make their tea and coffee joints popular by striking chords with customers.

2. Boutique store

Opening a boutique isn’t merelyagood business idea for women. If you are interested in designing clothes but don’t have the exposure to big brands, then the next best option would be to open your own boutique. Here, you can display your exclusive collection of trending apparels and accessories, collaborate with other designers and eventually get noticed by the big-shots of the industry.

3. Pet grooming

Pet grooming

Pet grooming is a good business idea for animal lovers. If you have a way with dogs and cats then you would definitely enjoy watching over them, taking them out for walks and grooming their furs. It is a taxing job, you have to devote a few hours every day to care for animals. On the bright side, you get paid for playing with dogs, and get all the ladies in the neighbourhood starry eyed (research shows women like men who’re good with dogs). What more could you ask for!

4. Grocery store

Grocery stores are pretty common around every locality, you might find one in practically every roadside corner, sometimes even amidst residential areas. Rent out or buy a small shack or room, stock the aisles with the necessary product- that’s all the investment that’s required really. You might have to hire an errand boy or an extra hand as your business grows.

5. Bakery

A bakery is the best small business idea for people who have a flair for baking cakes, muffins, and cookies but don’t have the opportunity nor resources to flaunt it. You can start a bakery in your very kitchen, buy the necessary equipment get the ingredients and watch how those orders stream in before you can say croissant! If you’re going to spend time in your home kitchen, you might as well build a business around it.

6. Thrift shop

Start with organizing small backyard sales and then move on to setting up flee markets and thrift shops. You don’t need an elaborate shop- a busy local location and a small makeshift shack are enough to get you started. At a thrift shop, you can sell just about anything from antiques and furniture to books, clothes, and accessories at cheap prices.

7. Electronics and Repair Shop

The male persona sits well with electronics items and electronics engineering (no offences women). The surge in use ofsmartphones is directly proportional to an increase in service centers and repair shops where people can take their gadgets when damaged. Most repair shops sell other accessories like phone chargers, earphones, USB devices on the side. So, this is a good small business idea, for men who are knowledgeable about electronics.

8. Tutoring


Are you a good dad? Teaching the kids in your neighborhood is also a business setup taken up by single men and work-from-home dads who want some quick cash. In addition, once you establish a reputation, you can rent out a building and start your own coaching center. In fact, most teachers give out private tuitions to students during vacations- both online and offline.

9. Beauty salon

Setting up a beauty salon is not just about installing the latest equipment and having the best creams and shampoos on the display. A successful salon requires a team of experienced beauticians and hairdressers who can work their magic at making people look good. However, small salons have a limited market reach and have to rely on word-of-mouth promotion.

10. DIY Jewellery

Men who have a creative streak, or formal education and training in arts and design, can surely make a successful career out of jewelry making. The material like beads, charms, thread, chains etc. are available at surprisingly cheap rates if you get them from wholesale outlets. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are some great platforms where you can promote your creations and take up orders from your customers worldwide.

11. Freelance Copywriting

Freelance copywriting is a great business idea for students and graduates. There are a lot of platforms online that are willing to promote and train amateurs in the skills of copywriting and content writing. As an independent writer, you get to set your own deadlines and rates. In addition, the fact that it pays well is an added bonus. Check this article: The Secret Revealed: How To Write Over 1000 Words per Hour?

12. Website Development

Website Development

Web developers and coders are no longer confined to their cubicles in IT companies. Most brilliant minds have now ventured out as freelancers, offering web-designing services at affordable prices. If you have the required technical skills, you can work as a freelancer. Check this article: 5 Steps to Become a WordPress Expert

13. E-commerce

E-commerce is a profitable venture for beginners who do not want to deal with the hassles of managing a physical store location. In the virtual space, you do not have to worry about the location, maintenance or expiry of the store. E-commercebasedbusiness ideasrequires a minimum investment, most website builders charge but a nominal fee and can be used by anyone who knows how to handle a computer. Check this article: How to Define an Idea for Your Start-up IT Business?

14. YouTube

Platforms like YouTube have become viable moneymaking spaces where millions of users can upload videos and make money out of it. Anyone irrespective of his or her age, sex or ethnicity can create a video about anything under the sun. Big-shot brands are on the lookout for budding YouTubers to collaborate with, the more you endorse the more you earn. Just read about the success stories of male YouTube stars such as PewDieDie, Dude Perfect, and Brett McKay for inspiration. Check this article: How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel?

15. Bookstore


A bookstore (be it a street-side establishment or a huge glass-walled store), is every bibliophile’s dream. You don’t have to invest a lot of money, but yes, you do need contacts to procure the rare editions and popular paperbacks if you want to catch the eye of booklovers.

16. Skilled Trade

There’s always a stigma attached to the skilled trades like carpentry, plumbing, masonry and other mechanical jobs. Such professions are often considered menial and hence pay poorly. However, these trades require immense practice and expertise. Also, the demand for woodworkers and electricians have only increased in the past few years creating many lucrative opportunities for these people to set up home-based businesses. For men who are adroit at handling such jobs, the pay is pretty good. With good contacts in the neighbourhood, you could easily start bringing in the good money.

17. Event Planner

If you have a knack for organizing events, then the role of the event planner is the perfect career prospect for you. You can either start your own company or work as a freelancer. Start with small-scale events like local weddings, birthday parties and slowly move on to the bigger projects like corporate conferences.

18. Bed and Breakfast

If you have an apartment or house that is currently not in use you can turn it into a B&B accommodation. It would be even better if your house is set in a peaceful, scenic neighborhood, well-connected to the attractions of the city. B&Bs are better suited for old retired couples or individuals who have the time to serve guests.

19. Organic Farming

Organic Farming

As people are becoming increasingly health conscious, the demand for paced products has reduced considerably. More and more consumers are turning to countryside markets for fresh fruits and veggies. You can either chalk out a garden in your backyard or invest in property and put it up for organic farming.

20. Catering

If you don’t have the resources to start a café or a restaurant, then the next best alternative would be catering. You can start your own food truck (aka a mobile food-joint) or take up orders from people and deliver boxed meals to their homes. What’s more, you don’t need to invest a lot of money on infrastructure, just buy the necessary ingredients and start cooking from your kitchen.

21. Clinic

Most medical graduates and post-graduates have a separate private clinic on the side other than their jobs at the hospital. Dentists, nutritionists, psychiatrists, general physicians- almost everyone has a small establishment of sorts in or around their residence where they treat patients outside their official working hours.

22. Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

If you have experience and expertise in a particular field of study or profession, you can monetize on it. Social media marketing, career counseling,and other areas are in demand these days. Note that to become a successful consultant you must have the confidence and oratory skills to convince the listener and give him/her a practical solution.

23. Travel Agent

Another business prospect that’s open for bussing entrepreneurs is opening a travel agency. You can either join an established company or start your own agency. Starting your own agency gives you the flexibility to set the prices, tour packages, and services the way you want to. However, you’d need a lot of contacts (drivers, managers, cooks, lodging spaces etc.) and some killer organizational skills to pull it off.

24. Brewery or Vineyard

If you have a fine taste for alcohol, then a brewery might be a good small-scale business idea for you. Most farmers in the Mediterranean belt also indulge in grape plantations and vineyards. Craft breweries or microbreweries are popping up everywhere in the United States- you can set up the apparatus in your garage, add a few seats in the backyard, promote your business and watch how customers stream in- it’s that simple.

25. Restaurant


Every chef or foodie aspires to own a restaurant, no matter how small or meager. Sure, restaurants require investment and expertise; you need a team of professionals at your disposal- cooks, waiters, cleaners, managers, accountants and more. Nevertheless, if you are truly passionate about cooking then nothing would be more rewarding than tantalizing people’s taste buds.

The Bottom Line

Staring a business is not really a tough task but maintaining it is another story altogether. It is only with patience, perseverance, and stroke of luck that you can be a successful entrepreneur.

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