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17 New Sources for Your Drop Shipping Products Instead of AliExpress

17 New Sources for Your Drop Shipping Products Instead of AliExpress


Drop shipping is one of the best ecommerce business models for entrepreneurs, primarily because it doesn’t require you to buy inventory upfront. It also presents an opportunity to test out innovative new items for already established companies too. When you use drop shipping services, you get the opportunity to add a new product category in a couple of days. If this proves successful, you’re able to maintain a product inventory in your warehouse. Drop shipping also minimizes the risks connected with stocking inventory prior to knowing what sells and enhances your business flexibility. While AliExpress is the go-to destination of ecommerce entrepreneurs for drop shipping products, other platforms and apps have emerged in recent times that offer more features. Twenty of these new alternatives are discussed below:

1. Light In The Box

Light In The Box

Light In the Box has its own drop shipping service known as Drop In The Box that specializes in offering bulk buyers and whole sellers all sorts of professional services and hundreds of items at the lowest possible costs. When you open the Drop In The Box website, the first thing you will notice is a handpicked selection of the bestselling car electronics, electronic devices, tattoo equipment, faucets, and more from Light In the Box. The service offers grouping prices along with VIP memberships for different sized businesses. Plus, the standout feature is, of course, the experienced account manager who will remain at your disposal 24 X 7.

2. Mini In The Box

Mini In The Box

Mini In The Box is an up-and-coming drop shipping service that you must definitely about because of its quality services. The company was founded in 2010, and since then has established itself as an excellent drop shipper of electronic devices. While their specialization means that the scope of their products and services is limited, it seems to be paying off big time as sellers from more than 170 different countries do regular business with Mini In The Box.

3. DealEXtreme (DX)

DealEXtreme (DX)

DealEXtreme is a renowned global drop shipping service that is headquartered at China. The company has more than a decade of experience in this field, and has now emerged as one of the top contenders in the field for inexpensive yet high-quality electronic gadgets. One of the best aspects of DealExtreme is, for sure, the pricing which is quite low when compared to other drop shipping services. Moreover, the company has been known to provide sellers with free worldwide shipping on occasion, which makes the service highly lucrative if you wish to save money.

4. Banggood


Banggood has consistently been one of the best drop shippers in the field for 10 years. And the fact is, nobody remains relevant for so long without adding something unique to the table. In the case of Banggood, the service specializes in electronics and mobile phone accessories. Despite the low price of these items, Banggood ensures that the transaction of only high quality items along with the best shipping conditions. Favorable pricing and attentive customer service make Banggood a drop shipping service worth your money and time!

5. Sammy Dress

Sammy Dress

Anybody who is a regular buyer on Sammy Dress can become a part of their drop shipping program. Once you become a member, you will see a steady increase in the quality of service along with better pricing. In fact, the site offers you the lowest possible price meant for resellers. You get a direct line to the customer service department at Sammy Dress, and when you face any kind of issue, your sales representative is going to come to your aid without any delays. The faster shipping is also a bonus. Sammy Dress employs different methods for protecting the actual source of the goods, alongside the price paid by the vendor. This helps ensure a solid business relationship and even inspires loyalty from the customer side.

6. Focalprice


When you use the drop shipping service from Focalprice, you get numerous benefits. For starters, you collect the money from the clients while we process and blind ship the items. Then you receive profits equal to the price difference at the time of the transaction. Also, you can enjoy access to plenty of powerful tools free of cost. For example, a free download center along with a free API system for freely downloading product details and downloading images. You can even monitor your product inventory and fully manage your orders without any clicks.

7. EverBuying


When you drop ship items with EverBuying, you can easily become a retailer. No longer do you have to pay large sums of money. This enables you to start a business without any risks. One of the benefits of drop shipping with EverBuying is, you do not need to pay for or carry inventory upfront in case the products fail to sell. Plus, you don’t require a shipping account and have no need of buying shipping labels and packaging materials. The service enables you to buy products at reduced prices and set your own retail price.

8. CNDirect


This is an all-purpose store that also provides excellent drop shipping services on jewelry, clothing, consumer electronics, toys, and more. Even though the company is more than six years old, it still provides clients with special offers and new sales daily. You get the advantage of buyer protection, thanks to PayPal. Multi-language service is available.

9. NewFrog


NewFrog’s catalog includes tens of thousands of items, including computer accessories, iPhone and iPod accessories, flashlights, and video games. All of these are ready to ship quickly and are available at incredibly low prices. Free shipping is also available. When you do business with them, you end up saving 10 percent to 70 percent more than other sites.

10. TVCMall


TVCMall is perfect if you want to begin your own your own business but don’t have enough product sources. This service does away with the need to set up your own stock. You can begin selling today from across a wide range of products and categories, while TVCMall handles the rest. The constant customer service is highly appreciated.

11. Tiny Deal

Tiny Deal

Tiny Deal provides drop shipping services to each of their registered customers without any extra costs. When you become a Tiny Deal reseller, you’re able to buy and send items directly to clients. Irrespective of whether you plan on creating a general web store, or something more specialized and niche, you will be able to find everything you need at Tiny Deal. Drop shipping items is easy because they handle all your orders without having to manage any complicated online systems.

12. Lightake


Lightake deals in various products, from computers to tools, accessories to electronics, video games to toys. Drop shipping enables you to sell products before purchase. The stocks are handled properly from the company warehouse, and they make sure the products reach customers easily. There is no minimum limit on orders placed as people mostly purchase one or two items in a single go.

13. Geek Buying

Geek Buying

Geek Buying allows drop shipping so you can send items conveniently to paying customers. There is no branding on the packaging and items, which means you’re able to sell products as your own. You get your own special account representative. There are different membership plans available to suit different budgets.

14. DinoDirect


DinoDirect’s subsidiary, DinoBulk, looks after the drop shipping side of the business. So, clients are not exposed to any risks. The company delivers items directly to customers, which makes it great for both newbie and veteran sellers. A strong back-office system means efficient processes, from delivery to procurement. Delivery times are often shortened. Customized drop shipping services are also available at discounted prices.

15. Tmart


When you avail the drop shipping services at Tmart, you get the benefit of having 90 percent of your products shipped directly from warehouses based in the US. So, your American customers will receive their packages within a day or three. You can enjoy 10 percent off on 16 orders each month. The company does not get involved with your customer in any way.

16. SheIn


SheIn focuses on trendy women’s fashion and products, and provides drop shipping services to clients. The service ships to more than 80 countries all across the world.

17. GearBest


GearBest boasts of a product catalog that is very easy to navigate. Unlike other companies listed here, GearBest has most of its stock in Europe. Clients receive points as per their order amount. Buyer protection is a good feature.

Concluding Remarks

The abovementioned twenty services are the best new entries in the world of drop shipping. They have been making their presence felt in the past few years, and prove a worthy substitute for AliExpress.

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