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10 Best Web Analytics Tools Of 2017

10 Best Web Analytics Tools Of 2017


Web analytics is one of the most important means to understand, analyze and predict the progress and developments of your business. Web analytics tools offer you the way to comprehend the developments of your business through market research. Initially meant as a tool to measure the quantity of web traffic, web analytics tools, today have transcended that simplistic idea and offer you valuable insight into how visitors and clients behave once on your website, the cumulative results of your advertising campaigns on the target section of your clients or audience with the help of contextual advertising and behavioral targeting techniques. The information provided by these tools in turn help you to make important business decisions and investments based on accurate market trends and helps you predict the future growth of your business and maximize profit and minimize losses incurred thereon.

With the growing need for better and more accurate web analytics, a number of vendors are presently providing Web analytics tools and software by using various means like file analysis, server logs, page tagging etc. Below we provide a list of the ten best web analytics tools of 2017 in the market at present.

1. Google Analytics – try tool

The most conventionally used analytics tools is perhaps Google Analytics. It has a host of different features ranging from tracking web traffic data to analyzing it. Google Analytics will help you know which keywords bring visitors or prospective clients to your websites and what aspects of your website that do not meet their approval. The detailed report that Google analytics provides comes with particulars about visitors, content, traffic sources and much more. Though it’s a fact that Google Analytics can take a bit of a while to update but on the flipside it’s available completely for free and is therefore the best bet for someone getting started with analytics. In terms of measuring client or visitor behavior on your website Google analytics is one of the best options.

Google Analytics

2. Clicky – try tool

The reason which gives Clicky a clear edge over Google Analytics is the fact that Google Analytics can only provide you information up to the day before viewing, whereas Clicky gives you real time information. This might be crucial for your business or venture at certain junctures especially if your work is related to something that is constantly fluctuating like the stock market. Clicky also comes with a very user-friendly interface and clearly displays the information which is most important. An added benefit is that they also have a Smartphone version which makes it easier for you to work on the go.


3. Spring Metrics – try tool

The best thing about spring metrics is the fact that they have taken the Analytics setup and made it much simpler and easier to use. It is very easy to retrieve requisite information from this tool and they also offer real time conversion analytics, keyword analytics among a host of other special features. Interestingly, unlike many other analytics services, this tool will actually follow a visitors trail through your website up to the point where he leaves the website. There is a nominal monthly payment for using this tool but the good bit is that they allow you a two week trial period.

Spring Metrics

4. Mint – try tool

Another great analytics tool available of the market is Mint. Once again, Mint offers you the option of real time information which Analytics cannot. The interesting bit however is the fact that Mint allows you to systematically make adjustments in it in order for you to get greater compatibility. Mint has a one-time payment option which makes it cheaper than the other tools in the long run.


5. Woopra – try tool

Woopra offers real time tracking and is a great analytics tool. But the best part of Woopra is the detailed customer profiling. Woopra will literally track your visitors’ activities in your profile with painstaking detail and provide you with funnel reports and help you divest conversion killers. Woopra also allows you to hoard on customer data and label and categorize them as per your needs using the profiling segment of the software. Though the professional getup might be intimidating to some beginning users, as you get acquainted with its features you grow to appreciate the detailed nature of the tool.


6. Kissmetrics – try tool

Not only can you track visitor behavior in your website but with this analytics tool you can also see how behaviors differ with the course of time, notice similar working patterns between visitors and many such desirable features. The interface is very easy to use and offers a timeline view of the web traffic. The price may be a little steep but it’s a good thing that you only have to pay for as many events you track. The concept of future marketing is not lost on this tool since it records and supplies information about a visitor even before they become customers and clients.


7. Open Web Analytics – try tool

The open source software Open Web Analytics is another interesting web analytics tool. It offers you the same kind of features as Google Analytics with the added extra features like it records visitor’s mouse movements, click heat-maps and DOM click tracking. Also if you have multiple websites then this tool is a great fit for you because there are no data logging limits. You also obtain individual packets of information about each new visitor and details about their visit starting from duration of visit to location and pages viewed. Even though there’s no mobile app available yet, it’s still worth a shot and besides it’s completely free anyway.

Open Web Analytics

8. Piwik – try tool

In terms of services provided, Piwik is a great web analytics tools. It includes a lot of realistic usable features like real time data updates, campaign tracking and unlimited data storage facilities. With the android apps the tool makes available you can check your web traffic and your analytics report anytime you need. Piwik is open source and allows you to track multiple websites without it costing you a thing.


9. Chartbeat – try tool

As web analytics tools go Chartbeat is a pretty user friendly bit of analytics software. It affords you with real time stats of the traffic in your website and interestingly enough even gives you a social perspective of what’s going on by letting you know of mentions in Facebook, likes and shares and even lets you tune into relevant twitter conversations straight from the tool interface. Chartbeat also provides you with a mobile app to help you conclude work and keep track of things while travelling.


10. GoSquared – try tool

Unlike typical web analytics tools, GoSquared keeps a separate section devoted to tracking and the analysis of data originating from e-commerce websites. This helps quite a bit in forecasting the future of your business transactions. Go squared actually gives more accurate results about time visitors spent on your website than your standard analytics software because they rely on a different tool called pinging. Even though GoSquared lacks a mobile app it more than makes up for it by other interesting features it offers. For instance,, the tool provides you with chat support and you can actually talk to the prospective clients or customers in your website.


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  1. Hi Lester,

    Quite interesting comparison among several web analytics platforms. There are some downsides of having your own web analytics service on a server you own, but it provides greater privacy and security also.

    I would suggest (maybe next time?) adding Countly to your comparison list, as it also provides an open source backend and JS libraries, and it’s free to use. Again there is the downside that you need your own server, but if you want to host a mobile analytics and web analytics service on a VPS, that could be a possible choice.

    It can be downloaded (for free) from http://github.com/countly/countly-server

    Let me know what you think.


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