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10 Best Free Video Hosting To Upload Your Video For Free

10 Best Free Video Hosting To Upload Your Video For Free


Videos can work to your advantage in a number of ways. Whether you’re running an ad campaign, or a review blog, or even your personal bio, a 2-minute video can get your message far across than any other form of media. And uploading and hosting video isn’t that expensive either, once you have your video ready after all the editing and polishing, you can simply upload them on a number of video hosting sites for zero expense. Here we take a look at the top such video hosting sites that ensure to get your videos across the masses and without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. YouTube


The video sharing site really needs no introduction, with over 1 billion users active, it is even safe to proclaim that anyone who has access to the internet is on YouTube. Simple to upload, easy to find, and quick at loading, videos on YouTube have the highest impact than any other video sharing site. The registration and uploading of videos is completely free, and the site also offers numerous ways to monetize your video content as well. YouTube supports videos in a number of formats including 1080p HD and 8K resolution. Also the simple sharing and embedding options, and included SEO functionalities make it the perfect host for uploading videos.

2. Vimeo


Based in the US, Vimeo is the second most popular video sharing website accounting for 0.11% of the entire internet bandwidth. With over 100 million unique visitors per month, the website get roughly over 22 million unique visitors almost every day. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo doesn’t support gaming videos and other how-to videos related to gaming to prevent over flooding of the site with long videos. Vimeo was one of the first hosting sites to support high definition videos and continues to support high quality videos at the highest bitrates. Even the White House releases its broadcasts directly only on Vimeo. Numerous popular Indie films and talented new-artist music albums started out from the video hosting site.

3. Vine


A highly popular video sharing website, Vine is the absolute hosting companion you will ever need if you’re looking out to make it big in the social media scene. Vine doesn’t support lengthy videos or even the normal traditional videos like its competitors, instead it supports 6-second long looped videos that load instantly and are meant to attract attention. Though it might seem a bit odd, the 6-second strategy actually works pretty well; and when you learn to master it, you will undoubtedly become the king of the hill. Most Vine users access the site through mobile apps, making its reach even farther. Connected with popular handles such as Twitter and Facebook, its number of users is only limited by the number of social accounts in the web.

4. Dailymotion


One of Europe’s most prodigious web contributions, Dailymotion is a free video hosting site designed exclusively to serve the creative minds of the World Wide Web. Averaging over 120 million unique visitors per month, Daily motion easily makes it to the elite club of viral video sharing websites. The site supports uploads of videos that are under the 60-minute limit set by the company to prevent illegal hosting of mainstream motion pictures. Also the maximum upload is only 4GB restricting upload of large high definition videos. Though the restrictions may seem a bit a much, considering the site’s popularity and the ease-of-use through embedding, sharing, and linking through social accounts, it is easily one of the best video sharing sites.

5. Metacafe


Started out as any other video sharing website, Metacafe quickly transformed into a short-form video support site with the advent of social media networking. The working hub for comedians, performing artists, short film makers, and musicians, Metacafe receives over 40 million video uploads from the US alone. Uploading on the website is entirely free and is quite simple as well. Users can easily link videos to their social accounts, and enable reposting and sharing of videos on a number of platforms. The site supports video advertising, which can effectively utilized by the right users.

6. Break


Besides just letting users upload videos, comment and share them for free, Break also pays users for their videos as well. But mind you, not all videos get paid, they have to stick to a few rules and have to be really interesting to actually get paid. The rules for uploading on Break are simple, your video should be original, that is no copyrighted material are allowed, and it should be legally compliant. And if your video can really impress Break’s editors, they get to feature on the site’s homepage and you get a chance to win even up to $600, if you’re willing to sell your video.

7. Live Leak

Live Leak

Want to get more serious viewers to find your videos? Then Live Leak is the place for you to upload them. Based in the United Kingdom, Live Leak’s major focus is on hosting video related to current events, global issues, war, crime, politics and broadcasts similar to the genre. Live Leak allows users to upload videos for free, but has complete rights to pull any video down if it’s too controversial in nature. The site receives over 40 million viewers each month, and is often under the purview of top government agencies, political parties, human right organizations and the like. So if you want to take your citizen journalism to the next level, Live Leak might give just the right start for you.

8. Photobucket


Though a bit misleading, Photobucket allows users to share videos as well along with pictures and animations for free through their website. With over 100 million registered users and approximately 4 million uploads every single day from around the world, Photobucket is undoubtedly one of the largest video hosting websites. The initial plans in the website are free which allow users to upload up to 2 GB of data, but higher bandwidths come at a price. Since the website largely serves the professional community, it might be the best place to start off your ad campaign.

9. yfrog


Primarily a video linking platform to Twitter, yfrog allows users to upload videos and share images for free and share them on their social networking profile. More like an expanded version of Vine, with yfrog users can upload large videos in HD quality and also include movie clips, performances and share them instantly on twitter. A large portion of videos shared on Twitter is through yfrog and also number of other social networking platforms use the video sharing website too. Uploading videos on yfrog only requires a simple registration and everything else is absolutely free.

10. Flickr


Even people who have been using the platform to share their images for years have failed recognize it potential as a video uploading site, so don’t be disappointed. The popular image sharing platform is also a free video hosting website as well. Supporting all formats and videos or all ranges and lengths, Flickr is as good as any other video sharing platform. Though uploading of videos is totally free, it is only with certain restrictions. You will have to pay to get unlimited bandwidth. But otherwise the reach and potential of the hosting platform, with its 87 million user database, is truly enormous.

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