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Effective Technique of Building a Revenue-generating Website

Effective Technique of Building a Revenue-generating Website


How to Generate $930,000 in 18 Months Using a Niche Blog – Based on a Real Example

There are many different ways of making money online. The idea is to generate the maximum revenue with minimum time and efforts. One of the most effective ways is creating a niche blog with a purpose to attract a list of subscribers and promote the products and services of the top people in the niche.

This article will reveal a story of Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mind Valley Corporation with overall revenue of $50,000,000 business. The article is sharing a real life example of creating a simple niche blog with more than 100 000 subscribers and generating $930,000 in revenue within a year. In fact, due to this blog Vishen Lakhiani became one of the most influencing people in the overwhelmed target segment on the web.

Bloodhound Model

Vishen Lakhiani recommends an effective way of making money online. A method of generating revenue in a niche blog is called the Bloodhound Model. This model consists of five steps such as creating a niche blog, producing highly valuable content, getting leads, building relationships with the list of subscribers, and monetizing. In fact, it was used by Vishen Lakhiani through a pseudonym such as Michael Jura. The following information will explain how all these steps were successfully applied to the blog dedicated to help people learn remote viewing at http://blog.learnremoteviewing.com in detail.

Step 1: Set up a Blog

While creating a blog, you should make it simple and easy to navigate. In fact, sign up form is one of the most significant elements that every blog should have to make money online. It is also important to use wordpress every time you set up a blog as this is the best tool for creating your niche blog. For example, you can take advantage of the website called WooThemes; it has a great number of beautiful custom wordpress templates. In fact, the wordpress theme that was used by Vishen Lakhiani on his remote viewing blog is called “Canvas”.

Step 2: Produce Content

Valuable content attracts the vast majority of people. Therefore, the purpose of producing high quality content is to inspire people for reading your niche blog due to the exceeding interest and valuable information. Some people think they need to produce their own content in order to become proficient in the market and direct your niche; however, this is not completely true.

In fact, there are two ways to produce highly valuable content. For example, there is Roger Ebert who is an American movie critic and Steven Spielberg who is an American movie director. Roger Ebert is famous for his extraordinary ability to review movies whereas Steven Spielberg is known for his Hollywood movie making style. In other words, both Roger Ebert and Steven Spielberg produce highly valuable content using their own way to attract the target audience and as a result, generate sufficient income.

Short Cut Technique

Vishen Lakhiani used a Short Cut Technique to generate money on his niche blog. Particularly, he did not direct the movies but reviewed them. In other words, Vishen Lakhiani applied the Short Cut Technique to produce content on his niche blog. The purpose was to offer his subscribers all the valuable information in the sphere of remote viewing. However, he did not create but reviewed the information of the top people in this niche.

Vishen Lakhiani was browsing Internet searching for the highly valuable content in remove viewing, including articles, videos and audios or imagery. All the information was taken from its source with a permission of the author and a link to his / her website. The only difference between the information given by the author and the blog post of Vishen Lakhiani was in its introduction and conclusion. In other words, introduction and conclusion are essential to be original in the Internet and do well in Google.

The introduction expressed the personal opinion and interest of Vishen Lakhiani about the content in a particular topic. The conclusion was offering a solution to a problem with a technique or advice that would be highly valued by his readers. Finally, the blog post ended asking for a comment on whether the information was beneficial for the readers of the remote viewing blog. As a result, such an approach to producing content for your niche blog makes it unique on the web and personalized to your target readers.

Creating Categories for Your Blog

Consequently, all the content is categorized based on the interest of your target audience on the web. For example, many Internet bloggers make a typical mistake when creating categories for their blogs based on their understanding of the market, which is not true. The truth is that in order to create the categories for your readers, all you need to do is to get on Google key word planner and check out the key words that correspond to your niche blog.

In the case of remote viewing, you can see that the most frequent word requests are “training, targets, and software”. Therefore, you need to use Google key word planner to find the top key words that match your niche blog and make them your blog categories. Consequently, you need to produce from a minimum of 50 to the average of 100 blog posts on your niche blog and put them into your blog categories. The purpose is to match the content of your blog posts with the categories of your blog, which is what your target audience is searching for in the Internet.

Anticipated Traffic Results

It is important to provide your readers with highly valuable articles, videos and audios or imagery that actually offered working solutions to the problems of your target audience. The top blog posts have a great likelihood to be ranked high on Google due to the number of positive comments and cross postings of your target readers. As a result, your blog can become one of the dominant blogs in your niche.

For example, within 6 month the top posts of the blog on remote viewing started to pop-up in the first page of Google with “remote viewing” as a key word. Therefore, by organizing your blog in this way, you can show up on the first page of Google by the key words that you have chosen to be your blog categories. Consequently, such actions can drive a huge amount of traffic to your top blog posts thus making you one of the dominant blogs in your niche.

Step 3: Get Leads

Indeed, generating traffic for your niche blog is quite important; however, it is even more important to get the leads. There are different rules that successful marketers use to generate traffic and get the leads. In fact, it does not matter if you follow all of these rules but the number one rule you definitely should follow is to build a list of subscribers through a simple and noticeable sign up form on your niche blog.

“Coming Soon” Invite

When you start your niche blog, obviously you do not have any free content to share with your target readers. In addition, most often you do not have any free cost product to offer them. However, there is one trick you can use in order to make people subscribe to your niche blog. This is a simple technique called “Coming soon invite”. However, it is important that you do not share any additional information under your sign up form.

For example, it is significant not to offer any free content such as “7 lessons to solve your problems”. In fact, the average sign up rate with such an offer is 12%. Therefore, you can offer the information similar to the following used in the niche of remote viewing but applied to your own niche: “Don’t miss our free cost launches in the next year, get on the wait list and you will hear from us”. In fact, it has been tested in the niche blog on remote viewing with a sign up rate of 37%. Apparently, the target readers were more intrigued by expecting for an extraordinary event compared to getting an immediate free product that probably will not be used straightaway.

Step 4: Build Relationships

Right after you set up a niche blog, it is important to build relationships with your target audience, which is the list of your blog subscribers. The best frequency of writing would be once every week on Mondays or Tuesdays; otherwise it could be two times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, it is important to make it before 12 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). The purpose is to share the top five blog posts every week with easy solutions and tips for solving the problems of the target audience in your niche.

A typical message to your target readers should be friendly and contain the information about the highly valuable content of your niche blog. In addition, it should have a direct link to the top five blog posts in different categories. Besides, it is significant to ask for a feedback both in the comments after the blog post and in the emails to your subscribers. For example, using such an approach for building relationships with the target audience in the niche of remote viewing, the blog got about 5000 subscribers in less than 6 months after it has been launched.

Step 5: Monetize

Monetization of your website is one of the most challenging questions among online entrepreneurs. For example, the niche blog on remote viewing does not have any products and / or services to offer. Instead, it has about a hundred of blog posts, including articles, videos and audios or imagery in the niche of remote viewing that have a high rating on Google.

One of the best ways of monetizing information online is by promoting the expertise of the top people in the target niche. For example, you can invite the top experts for the interviews and / or webinars. A standard message to an expert should indicate the target audience interested in remote viewing products. Statistically, 4 out of 5 experts will agree to share some valuable information free of charge for a minimum of 1000 listeners.

In addition, they will have an opportunity to promote their paid products and / or services to the potential customers. The reason for such a willingness to cooperate is hidden in their interest to promote their products and / or services with no spending on advertising of any kind. For example, the statistical findings in the niche of remote viewing claim that every tenth customer agrees to purchase the products and / or services online. It is also believed that the same ratio of purchases will be in any other niche.

Therefore, Vishen Lakhiani managed to set up interviews with the top 5 experts in the niche of remote viewing and converted 5000 leads into customers of such products and / or services. A classic interview lasted 60 minutes long; it offered highly valuable content and opportunity to purchase highly valuable products and / or services with a great discount.

For example, the first interview on remote viewing was attended by over 1000 listeners and Vishen Lakhiani had a call to action every 20, 40 and 60 minutes. In other words, there were about 3 calls to action to buy the products and / or services of the speaker. In fact, each product was purchased for about $400 and as a result, the first interview generated around $10,000 out of a number of 1000 listeners.

The next interviews were conducted in the same way with a difference that an interview lasted 90 minutes long, it had a more valuable content in the target niche and it had a call to action every 10 minutes. In addition, Vishen Lakhiani offered a free recording of these interviews for those people who have purchased the products and / or services of the speaker in the remote viewing niche. As a result, the second interview generated around $110,000 out of 5000 listeners.

Roger Ebert Effect

It is important to understand that the vast majority of people are primarily lazy, especially when it comes to shopping. In other words, all your subscribers, blog readers and site visitors are lazy about conducting a research and would rather have a personal consultant to recommend them every top product and / or service to purchase online.

The situation is the same with remote viewing; there are more than 10 most wanted products and / or services in this niche. In other words, the blog on remote viewing illustrates that the positioning of Vishen Lakhiani as a reviewer helped him to become an independent third party who people could trust. This is called the Roger Ebert Effect since it represents the way Roger Ebert performs in his target niche. He offers subscribers to vote for a movie and rate it accordingly.

Consequently, the effect takes place in every interview when an independent trusted third party recommends highly valuable products and / or services to the target audience. As a result, they are willing to buy everything due to the high value of the content they receive during the free interview and because of personal recommendations on the niche blog. Therefore, you can promote the products and / or services that you personally consider valuable for the target audience in your niche.

For example, in the blog on remote viewing, Vishen Lakhiani was able to generate $930,000 from month 6 to month 18 since he started to interview top people in his niche. In fact, this revenue was generated with 7 interviews during a year. Therefore, it is important to get prepared for each interview by posting a request on your niche blog. The purpose is to ask your target audience to submit their most challenging questions in remote viewing and refer them to the speakers you have in every interview.

As a result, everyone was willing to be interviewed through this particular niche blog. In other words, Vishen Lakhiani generated revenue of over $1,000,000 in one year. The first 6 months were dedicated to establish the website with Google and SEO. The remaining 12 months were committed to interviewing top people in the target niche of remote viewing to hit almost a million dollars of income.

The Bloodhound Results

The best part about using a Bloodhound Model is that you do not have to do any shipping or handling of products and / or delivering the services that your speakers present during their interviews. The purpose of this model is to become an affiliate and generate profit by promoting the expertise of top people in your niche to your target audience. The high-quality tools you can use are your niche blog and the best online platforms for managing webinars and online meetings such as MegaMeeting, ClickWebinar, or GoToMeeting.

In the example of Vishen Lakhiani, his overall profit margin was 50% out of $930,000. However, the percentage you receive while promoting the products and / or services of your speakers depends on their affiliate program. Certainly, it is individual for everyone but the minimum percentage under which the Internet entrepreneurs start their affiliate programs is from 10% and the maximum can go up to even 90% depending on the purposes of speakers in your target niche.

Certainly, there are additional expenses for running a niche blog but they all end up to the maximum of 10% from your overall income. For example, the blog on remote viewing spent only 5% of income to establish and run the niche blog. In addition, the good news is that the blog became one of the dominants sites in the category of remote viewing and on Google. Therefore, Vishen Lakhiani has more opportunities to generate supplementary profit with every interview.

It is important to acknowledge that the blog did not offer any products and / or services for sale and managed to become number one affiliate with the biggest list of subscribers in the target niche. Everything has been completed with minimum hours of work during the year. In fact, after month six, the vast majority of content was produced by using the services of Upwork writers.

Applying Bloodhound Model to Your Niche Blog

It is possible to apply this model to the vast majority of business niches. The purpose is to accurately estimate the power of the Roger Ebert Effect. However, it is important to relate this effect to your products and / or services by creating an amazing value and becoming a trusted authority in your target niche.

As a result, your revenue can be close to the niche blog on remote viewing by Vishen Lakhiani. It is important to emphasize the fact that such a model was successfully applied by Michael Jura, which is a pseudonym. In other words, the blog generated over $1,000,000 by a person who did not technically really exist but was perceived as a trusted third party authority for the target audience in the niche.

In fact, on-line entrepreneurs do make a mistake considering that in order to make money online, you need to become a leader and teach people. However, you can become a reviewer of the target niche products and / or services and merely post highly valuable information to promote the intelligence of your target market.

Therefore, if you become the trusted third party authority, you will have a great affiliate commission with every single purchase. For example, Oprah Winfrey is not a personal development leader but she does promote the talents of successful people in the niche of personal growth and generates about 50% of affiliate commission using a Bloodhound Model.

Another example is about Carol Tuttle who is the actual author of the Chakra Healing website. It was established using a similar model that outsourced the same services of Upwork writers to generate a content of 50 articles. The website was ranked on Google after 3 months since it was launched because it offered people a lot of valuable information absolutely for free. In addition, the visitors are invited to take a free chakra test and go to a free seminar on chakra healing. Afterwards, the people are offered to check out the products and / or services on the website and they end up buying because of all the relationship building that was done in advance.

For example, a CD product that was sold through this blog was worth around $200 and in half a year this blog generated over $500,000 in revenue. In fact, this website became the authority in its niche die to a high Google ranking, free valuable content, social network community and interviews with top people in the target niche. As a result, this website has become one of the highest converting websites in the industry.

Alternatively, if some time later you do not wish to continue using a Bloodhound Model and will be interested in creating your own products and / or services. In fact, this is possible but be cautious about marketing them in your target niche as you do run a risk of alienating your list of subscribers. For instance, there is no confidence that Roger Ebert would be so successful if he suddenly quit reviewing movies and started directing them.

In other words, the purpose is not to lose your credibility as a third party reviewer who your target readers can trust. However, in case there is a willingness to try your talents, it would make more sense to partner with one of your speakers and launch the products or services together. Consequently, you can recommend these products and / or services to your target audience using the same Bloodhound Model. Nevertheless, it is important to be completely honest and transparent to your target market and your niche blog as a whole.

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